Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

We have developed a number of different types of simple yet effective solutions used in lean manufacturing. Utilizing this equipment provides maximum efficiency for one piece flow, keeping the work in process quantities to a minimum and increasing our client’s throughputs.

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Aerospace Lean Manufacturing Carts

A major Aerospace manufacturer contacted us to provide a solution for a new lean manufacturing assembly cell. The application was to assemble jet engines on a portable engine stand that would improve operator ergonomics while also supporting the lean manufacturing initiatives of the project. Design requirements for this project included the ability to change the elevation of the engine during different assembly processes, rotate the engine for access and assembly, and provide a stable stationary solution to allow for proper installation of fasteners.

We were able to meet with the customer team on many occasions to understand all of the facets and intricacies of their assembly process. From this we were able to produce a portable engine stand with a self contained electrical control system that net all the goals of the team. The cart has an electrically driven vertical mast that achieves the objective of vertical travel. A fixture is attached to this mast that is electric motor driven to allow for the rotation of the engine. The stable engineering platform was achieved with four lifting legs that would raise the cart off the floor and lock it in place.

Part Buffer Carousel

The requirement for this project was to provide a two level buffer system for parts during an assembly process. Once a sub assembly was completed, the operator would place the part on the top level. This simple system allowed for the appropriate buffer required. The outside diameter of this unit is roughly 12’, which allowed for a significant amount of accumulation. An electric motor drivetrain provided the continuous rotation of the carousel.


Automotive Plant Assembly Line Conveyors

A line side delivery system we required for an automotive assembly plant. A host of different systems to deliver parts – heater cores, dashboard assemblies, mufflers, etc. – was produced by us to do these functions.

The conveyor system interfaced with a dolly system that brought the racks of parts to the assembly line. The operator is then able to transfer the rack from the dolly to the infeed end of our conveyor system. This system allowed for a small buffer of full and empty racks and automatically cycled the racks through, maximizing the efficiency of the assembly operators.


Industrial Booth

The Stainless Steel Wash booth is a cost effective vessel that allows for cleaning of parts while not degrading over time due to degrading of material. The booth has hook up for cleaning solution being used as well as a vent to extract solvents and steam that could incur during the cleaning process. Being made out of stainless steel will greatly prolong the life of the product while still making it an economical solution.  


  • Easy painting or cleaning in a controlled environment
  • Washing of machined parts to degrease and remove oil
  • Washing of ground and deburred parts to remove metal dust



  • Made out of Stainless Steel reduce degradation of booth over time
  • Easily moveable with factory
  • Mounts up to preexisting cleaning hookups
  • Vent to extract  cleaning solutions
  • Light for ease of  vision



  • Vent
  • Light installed
  • Fork lift runners
  • Painted to Customer Requirements
  • Hookup for cleaning solution already installed

Transfer Cars


  • Automated part handling
  • Furnace applications
  • Moving or dispersing of parts from singular or double stations to multiple conveyor or assembly lines



  • 480 VAC
  • 60 Hz
  • 65 - 85° Fahrenheit ambient temperature range
  • Conveyor speed:  4.6 FPM
  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix, PLC
  • Mushroom E-stop pushbuttons on the front of the main enclosure
  • Conveyor utilizes roller chain with single vertical flights
  • Conveyor Idler rollers to facilitate bridging conveyor gap



  • Moves 150 parts per hour
  • Dual transfer cars handle 300 parts per hour
  • Eliminates need for operators to handle parts or manually transfer parts from workstation to conveyor
  • Prevents operator injury and product damage

Custom Tube Dispenser


  • Custom tube loader that  takes bulk amount of tubes and deliver allotments of tubes to operators at a speed of 120 tubes per minute



  • Capacity of 2,000 tubes
  • Rate of 100-120 tubes per minute
  • Hopper Feed Speed 60 fpm
  • Shuttle Car Speed 55 fpm



  • Centralized loading location
  • Fixtured drag chain conveyor that singulates tubes out of the central hopper
  • Precise amount of tubes delivered to operators via high speed shuttle
  • Safety guarding around necessary places 

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