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3D Renderings & Animation Services

An image is worth a thousand words… Bastian will bring your 2D CAD drawings, blue prints and sketches to life with accurate, descriptive photo realistic renderings and illustrations.

The walk through adds the 4th dimension to the 3D renderings and provides the ultimate marketing tool, allowing you to exhibit and sell your ideas as it will look upon completion. Some of the advantages of virtual walk thru are:

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Project Engagement

Initial Meeting

Our modeling, rendering and animation staff are not only accomplished artists and designers. They are good listeners. This is important to ensure we completely understand what kind of services you need and all the pertinent details BEFORE we start work on your project.

Request for Quote

Our online request form guides you through describing the desired deliverables

For renderings per 3d model/scene or flyby:

  • Number of different illustrations (views) of the model
  • Size of illustration
  • Resolution of illustration
  • Form of delivery

Also gathered from the online request are attached files if available.

  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Plan views
  • Elevation views
  • Sectional views
  • Photos
  • Video
  • 3d Models

3D Model Creation


Modeling involves reviewing the supplied client description and then employing suitable techniques within the 3D Studio Max environment to create and develop the 3d models. During this stage the models resemble wireframe object.


Materials can be added to the model to mimic how real objects reflect or transmit light and thereby creating realistic textures. We have a wide range of materials that we can apply to achieve the client’s desired look and feel (ie, artistic rendition, surreal, clean and shiny, antique and dull, etc).


Lighting can be added to the model to provide more depth perception and closely replicate the real structure. The light source can be established “offstage” or within the model itself.


Cameras (views) then frame the scene, providing a controllable point of view. It is possible to animate camera movement for walk-through's and fly-by's. Cameras are able to simulate some aspect of real world photography, such as depth-of field and motion blur.


Model Evaluation

Typically an iterative process works best to meet expectations for the delivered product. When you combine our intense client focus with fast, reasonably-priced rendering and animation services, you have a guarantee of success... the kind of success that can only result from an open and collaborative working relationship.

During the modeling stage:

  • We send you proof images
  • Seek your input in the further development of the model
  • Ask you for more details and further clarification to complete the model

Once we have all the details we need to complete the model we will send you a first draft for review. At which time we will also meet with you to discuss

  • General direction-tweak
  • Materials
  • Lighting
  • Camera angles
  • Shaping
  • Repositioning

Out of that meeting Bastian will create your final rendering. We work with our client to ensure we meet their vision of the final illustration/animation.


Final Presentation & Delivery

Final involves intense computer processing to calculate the shading of the scene’s geometry resulting from the established lighting, applied materials and environmental settings.

To complete the final illustration or animation piece, we use graphical editing software is used (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere) to add desired additional imagery, logos and other effects.

Our deliverable might be just one rendered image (for illustrations) or a series of images set to a soundtrack  (for animations).

Depending on our client’s needs, our deliverables can be any of the following formats:

  • Prints
  • CD/DVD
  • For download on our secure FTP site

Pricing for 3D services

Highest value for your money
Bastian is dedicated to providing the highest value for your money. We will advise you on the most cost-effective rendering and output option considering the nature of your project and the type of presentation you are pursuing.

Factors Influencing the Price:

  • Size and geometry of the project
  • Level of detail
  • Complexity of local topography
  • Entourage
    • Does your project require adding people, trees, bushes, cars, animals
  • Type of output selected
    • A single still image costs considerably less than an extensive walk through animation
  • Initial input
    • Providing us with your CAD floor plans, elevations and sections will cost less than if we have to work from a rough sketch.
  • Media for the final product
    • The options vary from small monochrome and color prints to stunning videotapes and interactive CDs

Images of 3D services

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  • rr-stainless-paint-booth01663C049CFEF3B39F61531E2E
  • newegg---indianaploisin02---future_8x11549858EC090281C125F723CD
  • johndeere-waterlooia03_1024x768383CDE220E5A8D9438FA45FB
  • ingrammicro-easterncreekaustralia01_1024x7683ADCA4C63FB9E8C3EED89F74
  • elsavier---linnmo---01_1024x768pxE25F1E96AC9311828E2E5C68
  • dicks-goodyearaz01_1024x768EFF71B92459B8F460253E757
  • cvs-augustaga02_1024x768AAE4C2A3EC7894249B9022E9
  • csl---dallastx02_1024x768px607CC5806A7C21597B707AB7
  • columbia---saopaolobrazil01_1024x768pxEF2915F97EFA2EE938CDA845
  • cognex-system01_1024x7681CD438028C973146BA6E1BA9
  • boeing---mobileliftingsystem---seattlewa_1024x768586D2CF97EB62F0DB60042C5
  • newegg-distribution-system-rendering

Interested in 3D renderings & animations or want to know more about it?