Engineering Studies

Improve productivity with engineering studies

Supply chain engineering studies are used to build a customized road map to improve operations based on the business objectives and goals of your facility. Data is collected from current processes, adjustments are predicted based on new requirements and/or growth, and recommendations to improve your distribution or manufacturing center are communicated. The study results in an optimized facility design with a full analysis of the steps needed to improve your facility operations. about this solution


Benefits of Engineering Studies

Creation of a manageable, phased action plan tailored to your business requirements

Selection of a proper solution based on data-driven analysis and business objectives

Provides quantitative data to justify system changes and/or upgrades

More accurately predicts required investment as well as payback period and ROI

Guaranteed improvement in system operations and labor efficiency


Engineering Study Deliverables

Data analysis summary

Recommended solution(s)

Description of operations

Engineering drawings

Budgetary costs

Savings and ROI calculations

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