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Engineering Survey

Improve your business with our vast experience and "best-in-class" operations

Bastian Solutions has a long and successful history of providing engineering support to companies working to improve their distribution and material handling systems. The Bastian Engineering Survey™ methodology was developed as a resource to provide a road map for operational improvement by leveraging unique design concepts aimed at reducing costs and improving material handling system quality. The Material Handling System Engineering Survey™ is a proficient way to study current operations, benchmarking performance and practices, and developing alternative concepts.

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What is an Engineering Survey™?

The Bastian Engineering Survey™ is a tested method of benchmarking your operation. Lasting about 2-3 weeks, Bastian consultants will conduct a review of your operation and offer material handling system concepts for consideration. The Engineering Survey™ is essentially designed to take advantage of Bastian’s vast experience by quickly analyzing your operation and benchmarking it to similar operations and/or industries. We can then determine what technologies and processes make sense for further examination.

The goal of the Engineering Survey™ is to determine what opportunities are feasible and to decide if further study is justified. Again, the Bastian Engineering Survey™ allows Bastian engineers to use their vast experience and views into “best-in-class” operations to assist you in improving your business.

Benefits of an Engineering Survey™

Reduce distribution costs
Use space more effectively and eliminate excess inventory
Decrease non-value added activities and apply lean principles
Improve accuracy of orders
Benchmark your facility against other world-class distribution operations
Development of alternative concepts including: engineering layouts, description of operations, capital costs and associated savings,and economic feasibility

Engineering Survey™ process

Initial Meeting

A Bastian Solutions consultant conducts an initial meeting and tour of your facility to assess the major operational areas. We work with you to define goals for the survey that complement those of your business. Two to three days after this meeting, we provide you a proposal for the Engineering Survey.

Conducting the Survey

Once engaged, the Bastian Solutions consulting team spends several days on site. We conduct a kick-off meeting with your internal team, review company and survey objectives, discuss best practices in material handling and operations, review the distribution material flows, collect necessary data, and interview key personnel.

Design Concepts

The site visit information is benchmarked against industry standards and alternative design concepts are developed. This is an iterative process, conducted in close collaboration with you for rapid feedback.


The estimated cost and benefits of each recommendation are quantified and compared. Economic feasibility is best understood in the context of competitive advantage.

Refine Concepts and Prepare Report

At the end of the one to two week Engineering Survey, Bastian Solutions compiles an engineering report consisting of our observations, any summary data collected, a complete description of the recommended solution, engineering drawings, budgetary costs and savings, and economic feasibility.

Final Presentation

Bastian Solutions meets with your project team, management, and senior executives to present the survey results and determine the next steps going forward.

Interested in our Engineering Survey™ or want to know more?