Warehouse & Manufacturing Facility Layout and Design Services

Engage an expert in material handling system design

Sometimes clients know exactly what changes need to be made in their manufacturing or distribution facilities – they just need assistance in specifying equipment and drawing the solution.  Armed with the latest CAD 3-D software, our warehouse design consultants not only design efficient systems, but also understand the technical components going into them. This allows our consultants to produce an optimal material handling system layout for your business goals.

Facility design and layout in the material handling industry affects the productivity, profitability, and adaptability of your company for years. One of the best business decisions you can make is to engage an expert in material handling system design when planning your facility layout.

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About Layout & Design Services

Engaging Bastian allows you to consider your facility layout from the perspective of your product, process flows, material handling techniques, man-machine interfaces, and plant structures. Profiling the current movement of product and projecting material flow help you design the best building and material handling system to accomplish your company’s goals.

Whether the layout is for an existing or a new "greenfield" facility, our goal is to plan around the function and the process. Our design approach has consistently provided our customers with initial capital cost savings and lower operating cost over time.


How Layout & Design works

Several criteria are considered before the design begins. Once the general operation, business plan, and design goals are well understood, we will work closely with you and your consultant, architect, or construction firm to define the facility requirements.

Bastian also works closely with your team to optimize your layout design. When applicable our facility designs are modular, which enables your layout to continue to serve your needs as business conditions change and allow you to quickly adapt when additional capacity is required. Bastian uses the latest 3-D computer aided design tools to create your system layout drawings. This 3-D perspective allows us to help you make the best possible design decision.


Benefits of Facilities Layout & Warehouse Design

  • Increase order fulfillment volume
  • Reduce operator travel time between machines or picking modules
  • Optimize floor space usage to gain additional square footage

Images of Layout & Design services

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