Facilities Master Plan

Our Systematic Approach to Planning Your Next Facility

Supply chain engineering studies are used to build a customized road map to improve operations based on the business objectives and goals of your facility. Data is collected from current processes, adjustments are predicted based on new requirements and/or growth, and recommendations to improve your distribution or manufacturing center are communicated. The study results in an optimized facility design with a full analysis of the steps needed to improve your facility operations. about this solution

Facilities Master Facilities Master Plan Phases


Project Planning

If you are starting a master planning project or are still in the research phase, our consultants help you:

  • Define business requirements including project objectives, key success factors, volumes and risks
  • Measure and understand current operations through data collection on operating methods, key performance indicators, staffing and capacity requirements.
  • Analyze this data to determine types, patterns, and seasonality of SKUs and orders to model profiles and develop system design parameters
  • System Design


Supplier Sourcing

With the design in place, a formal search for a system supplier can begin. Bastian Consulting can help:

  • Identify suppliers capable of providing system components based on the budget, timeframe and design parameters
  • Formulate and manage RFPs (request for proposals) to save you time and ensure you receive detailed, on-target proposals
  • Choose suppliers best suited for your project based on a thorough selection process






System Design

Once project planning is complete, the next phase is system design and layout. During this phase, our consultants:

  • Design alternate technology and system layouts based on parameters created in the planning phase
  • Determine a final layout and equipment selection based on qualitative and quantitative methods including: labor modeling, operational and systems definition, allotted budget and expected return on investment (ROI)
  • Validate the final system layout and equipment selection with computer simulation models to guarantee the system will not only work but meet all requirements and provide strong ROI

Project Implementation

If desired, Bastian Consulting can help with all facets of your project implementation through our relationship with other Bastian Solutions divisions. By leveraging these partnerships, we can support your project all the way through system start-up, providing a true “turnkey” solution. During project implementation, we can help with:

  • Project management
  • Writing and review of functional specification documents
  • Review of controls and software design
  • On-site supervision
  • Financial administration
  • Start-up support

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