Operational Consulting and Material Handling Design Services

Run your operation at the optimum level

If your current system becomes overwhelmed, how do you even start to improve it?  

Consulting Studies provide a customized road map for improving operations based on your business objectives and future goals. Data is gathered from your current operation, changes are forecasted based on new requirements and/or growth, and recommendations are provided to improve your distribution or manufacturing center.  The result is an optimized facility design and a full analysis of the steps needed to improve your operation. We utilize a proven 5 phase process ensuring we help you meet world class standards in overall operations.

Our recommendations through consulting studies are critical in improving performance metrics and ROI.

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What is a System Consulting Study?

  • A data driven process which allows you to make decisions based on your exact situation
  • A collaborative effort between you, the expert on your products, and Bastian Solutions' consulting engineers
  • A risk management tool which allows you to minimize the risk when designing a new material handling system
  • A benchmark you can use to drive efficiencies in your operations against industry standards
  • A road map for the future that accommodates and enables profitable growth

Benefits of a System Consulting Study

  • Creation of a manageable, phased action plan tailored to your business requirements and goals
  • Selection of the proper solution based on data-driven analysis and business objectives
  • Provides quantitative data to justify system changes and/or upgrades
  • More accurately predicts required investment as well as payback period and ROI
  • Guaranteed improvement in system and labor efficiency


Get economic analysis items such as:

  • Estimated System Cost
  • Labor Reductions
  • Required Shift Work
  • Cost per Order or Line
  • Overall Return on Investment (ROI)


Receive an engineering report detailing:

  • Data Analysis Summary
  • Recommended Solution
  • Description of Current and Future Operations
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Budgetary Costs
  • Savings & ROI Calculations

System Consulting Study Process


During the definition stage, Bastian engineers will work with the project stake holders to determine project objectives. We will jointly define key success factors to insure that the delivered design meets all the objectives. We will also consider risks to the project and how to mitigate them. The team will consider the impact of the project on all customers, internal and external. We will also include the effect on other key partners including suppliers and service providers. Additionally, it is very important to learn the direction that the company is going and any changes to its business or industry. The goal of this phase is to understand the project’s impact on the client’s company and to develop quantitative and qualitative criteria that will be use to evaluate the final recommendations.


The measurement stage of the project involves the collection of information that helps the Bastian engineers understand your business. This includes collecting quantitative data from your systems as well as information about your processes. The work involved in this phase includes:

  • Site visits to document material and information flows
  • Understanding your current key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Discussions with Management and Key Personnel
  • Request for data from your operating systems


Bastian uses a data driven process to engineer solutions. As such, much attention is given to the data that is provided. Knowing the data inside-and-out, and how it affects the current operational and the recommended design is important. Bastian's engineers will analyze the data from your operating systems and create data models that predict future states. It is from this information that design parameters are determined. Common types of data analyzed are:

  • Order Profiles
  • Order Types & Patterns
  • Seasonality
  • SKU Profiles


It is only after the critical steps above are completed that engineers begin to “put pencil to paper”. In the design phase, alternative concepts are developed by applying qualitative & quantitative methods to the criteria determined in the data analysis phase. The most promising concepts are detailed using the latest 3D computer design tools. We work closely with your team and promote a high level of participation in the design process so that each evaluation is tailored to your company's needs.


Alternative designs are then validated. The system costs are estimated and a complete economic analysis, including ROI and payback, is done to determine feasibility of each alternative. Estimated project schedules are created to evaluate the alternatives’ effect on the time frame requirements. Using a decision matrix approach, a solution is recommend and presented to the client. Optionally, at this stage, a computer simulation model of the recommended solution can also be created as part of validation.

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