Material Handling System Simulations

See your system in its entirety before it's ever constructed

Computer simulation analysis helps visualize changes in layout and process as well as answer what-if questions before implementing automation technology, information management systems, or procedural changes.  Computer simulation models can be used to help evaluate potential new automation investments or even changes to current operations.  Results of a computer simulation can help determine throughput rates, the number of employees needed to pick orders, design problems, and system bottlenecks.

Bastian engineers use FlexSim for model development on warehouse simulation projects. FlexSim has CAD-like functionality to define the layout to scale with 3D virtual reality animation for an accurate graphical representation of the system.

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System Simulations

What is a Simulation?

A simulation model:

  • is a discrete event, stochastic model of a real or proposed material handling system
  • allows to "look ahead" and perform "what-if" scenarios
  • solve various operation problems such as equipment layout, asset or resource utilization, etc.

Benefits of Simulations

  • Risk mitigation and cost avoidance – a better understanding of the overall financial and operational risk inherent in a project will lower contingency planning costs for both the customer and supplier.
  • The ability to challenge “what if” scenarios
  • Increased confidence in the final design meeting operational performance measures
  • The ability to analyze expected throughput capability
  • The identification of process bottlenecks for continuous improvement
  • The ability to measure cycle time for specific activities
  • The ability to study the dynamic interactions within the facility
  • The ability to determine optimum staffing levels in each area


  • Avoid costly mistakes – verify design and ensure the material handling system will meet your current and future needs
  • Aid in choosing the right material handling system – aids in choosing the right material handling equipment in the design phase
  • Validate material handling system design – existing or new designs
  • Help with integration to existing systems – ensure complete integration with existing material handling systems
  • Provide in depth understanding of your system and business operations – provide insight into your operations
  • Establish and verify labor and manning requirements
  • Experiment – see how changes to one area of your system affects other areas



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