Conveyor Turntables

Improve operator ergonomics with conveyor turntables

Conveyor turntables are used for a variety of applications in manufacturing and distribution centers. Conveyor Turntables are typically implemented to aid in operator ergonomics as well as increased overall efficiency. Wide arrays of variations are available for custom conveyor turntables, such as manual conveyor turntables, gravity conveyor turntables, and powered conveyor turntables.

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Full conveyor turntable

Overview of Conveyor Turntables


Powered Rotation Roller Conveyor Turntable
A powered rotation conveyor turntable allows for a change in orientation of a product.

Manual Conveyor Turntable
A manual conveyor turntable 

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Manual Conveyor Turntable


Applications for Conveyor Turntables

  • Change in Orientation - Used in pallet handling systems as a “square turn” rather than a roller curve
  • Improve Efficiency - Loading or unloading of pallets or unit containers to bring product to the operator rather than have operator walk around pallet.
  • Can also used in tandem with a hydraulic scissor lift to alleviate bending for operator, further enhancing ergonomics.
Turntable motor

Turntable motor


Specifications of Conveyor Turntables

  • Conveyor turntables utilize heavy duty welded structural steel weldment frame.
  • Rotation is via a heavy duty slew style bearing that is gear driven by an airmotor/gear reducer drivetrain.
  • Conveyor turntables are chain drive live roller (CDLR), 2.5” diameter x 11 ga. rollers on 6” roller centers, SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor drive, 460/3/60. Other capacities and configurations are available.
  • Minumum height = 18"
  • Maximum load = 5,000 lbs
  • Conveyor turntables rotate at approximately 10-15 RPM. VFD is typically used to control the speed of rotation
Turntable and Transfer

Turntable & transfer


Benefits of Conveyor Turntables

  • Low profile design, as low as 12” top of roller elevation
  • Conveyor turntables have a very robust, solid design that does not deflect under load.
  • Gear driven rotation eliminates chain slack issues, tighter tolerances.
  • Conveyor turntables can handle extremely heavy loads. Standard design up to 5,000 lbs., but custom designs allow for even heavier unit loads.
Custom Conveyor Turntable

Powered Turntable base


Conveyor Turntable product photos


Interested in conveyor turntables or want to know more?