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525 Zero Pressure Accumulation Pallet Conveyor

Robust, mechanical pallet accumulation

The 525 zero pressure accumulation pallet conveyor offers robust mechanical pallet accumulation that typically is a more cost effective solution than a pallet accumulation conveyor using controls. This conveyor works great for long runs of accumulation conveyor without all the extra motors and costs to control the motors. This conveyor can also be combined with turntables, transfer cars, and vertical lifts.

The drive chain on this conveyor is constantly running while an intermediate geared clutch transfers power from the chain to the transport roller. Using a patented combination of pressure rollers and actuating arms, the pallet system engages and disengages trailing sections of intermediate clutches. about this solution

 Benefits of 525 Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

  • Can run four lanes of 80 feet of conveyor with one drive motor using no air
  • Low maintenance requirements;
  • Superior mechanical accumulation design
  • Lower total cost of ownership over other alternative zero pressure pallet conveyor.
  • Lower cost up front at installation as well as long term due to fewer motors and control devices (i.e. photo-eyes) required.

Specifications for 525 Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

  • Conveying Speed: 40 ft/min
  • Throughput: 200 pallets/hr
  • Standard weight capacity: 4,400 lbs
  • SEW-Eurodrive gear motor 460V/3Ph/60Hz motor drive
  • Rollers: 3.15” diameter x 1/8” wall
  • Roller Pitch: 7” or 8”
  • Conveys 4 parallel lanes and up to 80 feet with one motor
  • Zone drives are released with a mechanic arm
  • Wall Thickness: .12” and .2”

525 Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor product photos

  • zp-acc-pallet-conveyor-3
  • zp-acc-pallet-conveyor-2
  • zp-acc-pallet-conveyor

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