Custom Lifts & Platforms

Heavy lifting in less space

Bastian Solutions has designed and built various vertical lifts and platforms for a host of different applications. Many of our vertical reciprocating lifts, or vertical conveyors, are employed to raise product from a lower level conveyor to an upper level conveyor in a minimal amount of floor space.

Many of these lifts are used in manufacturing plants where real estate is of a premium and there just isn’t enough room for an inclined belt conveyor. Other lifts we provide, such as our Cantilevered Vertical Lift, are for heavier loads – typically large carts or pallets of goods. Whatever the application, chances are Bastian Automation Engineering has designed a lift similar to your unique project.

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Build Platform Lifts

Our build platform lifts have been developed for the aerospace industry to afford operators an ergonomic height and access to different parts of their product through the assembly process. This lift can lower down to 24” elevation and raise all the way up to 10’. It also has a lot of unique accessories that can added, such as the pivoting wings, depending on the exact application.


Cantilevered Lifts


Personnel lifts allow operators access to different parts of large assemblies such as jet engines. In past projects we have also incorporated mechanic toolboxes and work surfaces into the design of the platform, as well as convenience power cord reels and compressed air hose reels. This style of lift utilizes a mechanical ballscrew design driven by an electric motor.


Freight Lift is a great choice when moving product from one floor to an upper floor or mezzanine. Our electro-mechanical design has many advantages over a hydraulic lift actuation – no possibility for oil leaks, less noise, fewer components, greatly reduced preventative maintenance and perhaps most important less cost. This lift can also be outfitted with many options such as a conveyor deck to interface into a conveyor system for heavy loads.


Conveyor Lifts


Designed for high-duty cycles and heavy loads without need for compressed air, this lift is popular in manufacturing plants running continuously. It utilizes an electric gear motor for vertical actuation with a motorized drive roller conveyor on the lift carriage.

Rodless Cylinder Pneumatic

This lift is an economical and compact solution popular for loads up to 150 lbs. The rodless cable cylinder provides a low overall length/stroke ratio, allowing it to fit in smaller packages.

Air Cylinder Vertical

This style of lift is only a slight premium in cost over an inclined belted conveyor and needs less floor space. The lift carriage has a motorized drive roller conveyor to convey product on and off.


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