Pallet Handling

Custom engineering for pallet handling

Whether you need a stacker, dispenser or transfer car, we can custom build a solution to fit your needs.

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Over-Under Conveyor overview

Over Under conveyors are typically used in manufacturing settings where floor space is a premium. The idea is to have a two tier conveyor system, one over top of the other. One conveyor is typically for full pallets/containers and the other for empties. They can be used for feeding either empty pallets to an operator and full pallets away, or vice versa.

Over Under Conveyor

Over Under Conveyor illustration


Transfer Cars overview

Transfers cars are used to transport product via a floor mounted track that guides car mounted casters in a straight line between several positions. Transfer cars are often used in lean manufacturing operations and provide an efficient way to move pallets and other larger products, thus eliminating the need for fork trucks and other pallet movers.

Transfer Car

Custom Transfer car


Pallet Dispensers/Stackers overview

A pallet dispenser is used to distribute single pallets from a stack loaded into one side of the dispenser. A pallet stacker is used to stack single pallets form single pallets that feed into one side of the stacker.

Pallet Dispensers

Custom Pallet Dispensers


Pallet Handling product photos


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