Material Handling Operator Training

Thorough training creating system experts

Large scale systems are most successful when the end user dedicates the appropriate personnel to be trained during the development, installation, and start-up phases of the project. We educate the suitable personnel on all aspects of the system until they feel completely comfortable with the system and its components.

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Targeted Groups

Training may be targeted to any or all of the following four groups:

  • User/Operator
  • Engineering Personnel - Hardware and Software
  • Maintenance - Diagnosis and Component Repair
  • Supervisory

The user/operators are the resources on the floor working day to day with the automation/equipment, and their training will focus on the operation of the equipment. Training for the engineering staff will focus on the individual pieces of hardware or software, and will be very detailed and specific. The Maintenance training will focus on how to perform the routine preventive maintenance functions, as well as troubleshooting, fault correction, and error diagnostics. Supervisory training will focus on data reporting, interpretation, and the overall management of the system in total.


Bastian's agenda consists of training at our facility and training at the installation site. Facility training consists of introductory education on the purpose, structure, and basic functions of the material handling system as well as associated equipment. The system experts are informed about the functioning of your specific material handling system to its entirety including its architecture, communication protocol, and import/export functions. Below are some of the other topics that will be covered:

  • Hands-on training of system operations.
  • Hands-on training of system management.
  • Hands-on training for the various functions of material handling will be conducted at an installation or at Bastian depending on availability.
  • Start-up, shut down, and all basic operational steps to using the system are explained and demonstrated.
  • In addition to operation, all basic error messages are described, and other failure conditions and how to recover them are discussed.

Types of Training

Training at the installation site consists of educating the system experts on the various pieces of automation that will be operational at the project site in the future. First and foremost, the system experts are required to assist the Customer Support Technician during various stages of the installation of the material handling system controls, hardware, and software to ensure inclusive knowledge of the system. The system experts will then have hands-on training with test orders and during acceptance testing. Specialized instructions oriented to identifying and eliminating errors in the material handling system will be provided during the debugging phase. Throughout the process, each system expert will be required to sign-off on each element of the acceptance training program.

Training at the project site also consists of full maintenance knowledge of the controls hardware and the controls software during installation and system demonstration phases. Circuit diagrams, wiring conventions, functions, adjustments, and so forth, are explained. This provides special knowledge on the electrical system, including tracking and correction of failures, and maintenance. Use of maintenance mode, statistics, and operational status messages for failure analysis and correction is also described as well as diagnostics integral to the material handling system software.

Multimedia training enables the end-user to reap the benefits of the most recent computer and software developments, while adding the traditional medium of communications. Training for each of the courses is done with the help of text, still pictures, voice and video in order to offer a diversity of communication media for different teaching methods. The user’s tour within the training module is guided by the software and catered toward the user’s particular interest.

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