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Dedicated to your system's success through support & training

Bastian's after sales support is dedicated to helping our customers' specific needs for their material handling application. From the beginning of a project throughout operation, our team of experienced engineers will work directly with you to maintain and manage your system so that it performs to its greatest capability.

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Support Services offered

Support is offered for a full year following project implementation. Support provides around the clock assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for mission critical operations. Bastian understands your sense of urgency with your business and the Support agreement is structured with this in mind. Support provides a primary, secondary, and tertiary contact, all from a single toll free call number which is manned around the clock. These contacts will be intimately familiar with your system and will provide immediate response if a problem occurs. Bastian trains system experts at your site to ensure the highest reliability and uptime. These certified Bastian system operators are the designated personnel to call the Bastian support line and assist in identifying and resolving system issues.

Bastian offers many different services such as delivery and assembly of parts, product maintenance and repairs, customer training, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Our guarantee is that we respond quickly and professionally with any inquires that you may have. Bastian also offers Maintenance & Service Contracts which are available monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually.

Some of the typical maintenance services that we perform include:

  • Inspect all hardware for functionality
  • Inspect and lubricate chains and bearings
  • Clean debris from moving parts
  • Inspect all safety guarding
  • Adjust and tighten necessary parts
  • Inspect electrical connections and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Inspect all electrical connections and repair if necessary
  • Verify controls and software operability
  • Provide a written service report and recommendations

Support Benefits

There are several significant advantages to maintaining a Support Agreement with Bastian:

  • Immediate access to a knowledgeable after sales support staff to quickly resolve software related issues and maintain system up time.
  • Free product updates to new releases of the Bastian Controls software.
  • Complimentary annual visit to help make recommendations to maximize your system's capabilities.
  • Discounted rates for system software control enhancements and add-ons.
  • Remote support to your site
  • Access to additional Bastian resources for controls, networking, server configuration, database administration, etc., to supplement your own resources, are also available.

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