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ULTRA: Robotic Truck Loading & Unloading

Advanced Automation Reaches Shipping Docks

Automation has reached almost every corner of modern warehouses, but one area often still lacks efficiency—the shipping dock. In facilities that require the loading and unloading of cases, many times an employee is required to manually lift and handle each case.

The ULTRA automated truck unloader and loader is a new and innovative approach to docking operations. It combines a robotic arm, custom end of arm tool, vision system and articulating conveyors to quickly handle cases inside a shipping truck. This eliminates the need for a person to work inside a dark, cramped trailer, improving overall ergonomics and workplace safety.

Interested in ULTRA or want to know more?

Automated Truck Unloading

ULTRA Pilot Program

Bastian Solutions is proud to introduce our loading and unloading mobile robot as a pilot program. Interested in automating your docking operations? Contact an engineer!

  • Product delivery time: Approx. 12 weeks
  • Please contact us for pricing

Benefits of Robotic Truck Loading & Unloading

  • Increase throughput rates and productivity at your shipping and receiving docks
  • Minimize costly turnover rates: ULTRA creates a healthier work environment for employees by minimizing repetitive motion
  • System payback reached in as little as 1-2 years
  • Improve reliability and reduced downtime with robotic automation

Specifications of Robotic Truck Loading & Unloading

  • Rate: 1000 Cases/hour or 16.7 cases/minute
  • Payload: EoAT 50 lbs (Mast 70lbs)
  • Conveyor speeds: 150 to 200 fpm (40 lb cases)
  • Case type: Corrugated cartons or plastic bins; system can be modified or customized for different sizes; No issues with case heights or depths
  • Safety: System uses safety scanners to protect nearby associates and vision system to prevent crashes; meets AGV Safety Standards ANSI B56.5
  • Power: 480 VAC 3 Phase and compressed air for end of arm tool
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most trailer types, dock levelers, and extending conveyors
  • Operation: Automated or manual driving from dock to dock




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