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Robotic Machine Tending


Work safely with robotic machine tending

Machine Tending can be dangerous work and requires the consistency that a robotic solution can provide. Robots replace human interaction to move product from a supply position, transport it to a machine, orient it, and then interact with the machine. Our designs are capable of handling items as small as a dime and as large as a refrigerator – in turn key solutions.

Interested in implementing machine tending in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?

How Robotic Machine Tending Works

Robotic machine tending can provide manipulation and transport capabilities that are more complex than basic material handling processes. Machine tending robots are used to secure the product from a supply position, transport it to a machine, interact with the machine and then remove the finished part from the machine. Managing this process by robot minimizes incorrect product placement due to human error and increases speed and efficiency of production.



Bastian is able to take on machine tending projects that are highly customized given the flexibility of our in-house design and manufacturing. Benefits of a machine tending system from Bastian include:

  • Repeatable accuracy and improved quality of production (increases more than 25%)
  • Minimizes human error & improves ergonomic conditions
  • Short ROI & lower overhead cost compared to manual machine tending
  • Robots can be mounted between 2 machines or overhead to save valuable floor space
  • Increased machine and system utilization & capable of 24/7 machine tending


  • Loading and unloading products for grinding
  • Loading products into CNC milling and turning machines
  • Tending injection mold product loading and unloading
  • Stamping, punching, trimming, EDM, and forging press loading and unloading
  • Compression mold component materials loading
  • Holding a product for welding operation


  • Custom designed end of arm tools built to meet product specifications
  • Integration of multiple robot brands
  • Products from 1 pound up to 1,764 pounds
  • Up to 5 machines tended at one time & up to 720 cycles per hour
  • Custom accessories such as vision inspection, barcode verification and product labeling
  • Interlocks with machinery and safety system



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Interested in implementing machine tending in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?