Robotic Simulations


Robotic Simulations

Testing different run-time scenarios with actual robots is an expensive proposition. Robotic simulations with software tools from ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, are a great way to reduce time, cost, and errors for robotic systems. Simulations are performed on a PC with exact robot parameters built in as well as other cell components, so testing emulates the real world. This allows robot programs to be prepared in advance or in parallel. It increases profitability by letting you accomplish training, programming, optimization, and troubleshooting without disturbing production.

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How Robotic Simulations Work

Sophisticated software models closely mimic robotic programming, robot cell obstacles, and accrual robot speed, and reach relative to load-carrying capability. With all the parameters loaded in a robotic simulation model real time conditions can be predicted including cycle time, reach envelope, duty cycle and collision avoidance. Once developed, the robotic simulation model can be used to test program changes, optimize robot travel, train operators, and troubleshoot potential problems.

simulate real-time conditions


  • Shorter lead time
  • Early risk avoidance
  • Quicker change-over
  • Higher efficiency
  • Aids contingency planning
  • A powerful visual tool to promote ease of understanding
powerful visual aids


  • Visualize the Process – robotic simulations demonstrate the system’s working process with accurate animation.
  • Design Feasibility Research – robotic simulations help design engineers resolve issues such as model selection, reach ability, collision avoidance, and cycle time.
  • Off-line programming – robotic simulations enable engineers to set up the frame work of robot programs without actual robots.
visualize with accurate animation


  • Simulation can accurately portray the actual motion process, cycle time, and communications
  • Simulation can use C#/Visual Basic add-ins to simulate controls
  • Simulation software provides a wide range of standard components of a robot system
  • Simulation software can import models from all major CAD software
  • The lead time for a simulation is around 2 weeks
c#/visual basic add-ins


Interested in Robotic Simulations or want to know more about it?