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Augmented Reality Picking

Innovative hands-free order picking

Augmented reality (AR) picking using wearable technology combines the very best of vision- and voice-guided picking to produce a faster, hands-free solution for industrial environments.

Augmented reality picking uses smart glasses to merge virtual images and information with an operator's surrounding environment. The operator wears the glasses, follows the commands given, and scans product barcodes all within the glasses' display. The combination of real-world and virtual information provides speed and accuracy beyond previous warehouse picking technologies.

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How Augmented Reality (AR) Picking Works

  • A pick operator wearing smart glasses loads a batch of orders to be picked and asks via the built-in microphone to be given the next location where a pick is to be performed.
  • As the operator navigates toward the location, the smart glasses scan the location barcode and validate that the operator is in the right place.
  • The built-in vision system recognizes the product and verifies the correct item is picked.
  • Operators are visually and audibly guided to place the product into the right position on the picking cart.
  • A pick is then complete, and the system updates the order status and inventory levels.
  • The operator executes the prior steps until the batch of orders are completed.

Benefits of AR Picking

  • Mobile solution - Wearable technology is fully mobile and can be used without recharging for a long period of time, covering an entire shift of operation.
  • Rich graphical user interface – Full color, high-resolution displays provide a visually equivalent image to a smartphone display. Displays can also show rich information without the need for carrying a handheld device.
  • Voice-controlled processing - With built-in speakers, microphone, and voice recognition engine, smart glasses capture and execute voice commands.
  • Barcode scanning and image capture - With a built-in camera and ability to capture video, scanning of barcodes is an integral part of smart glass technology.
  • Vision-aided processing - In conjunction with the built-in camera, the vision recognition framework helps with accuracy of supply chain operations, for example, picking the correct product during an order fulfillment process.
  • Global positioning – A built-in GPS system aids with operator navigation and positioning within the warehouse.
  • Gesture controls – A gesture recognition engine within the smart glasses can recognize certain head or body movement, which can serve as commands to the system.
  • Hands-free processing – The entire system is located in the smart glasses, and it does not require hands to operate.
  • Potential low cost of ownership – As smart glasses find their use in both the consumer and enterprise market, the demand will drive the prices down, and smart glasses will become more affordable than some existing mobile solutions in the supply chain.

Applications for AR Picking

  • High velocity carton flow each picking
  • Full case picking from pallet flow
  • Component picking for kit assembly

Interested in implementing AR Picking in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?