Compact Shuttle

Reliable Pallet Shuttle with 8-Second Recharge Time

DCS, or the DAMBACH Compact Shuttle for high bay warehouses, increases the efficiency of pallet storage and retrieval. By using rail-guided stacker cranes, the DCS achieves truly compact, multi-deep pallet storage. To make this possible, storage lanes are fitted with rails for shuttle transportation. A shuttle and stacker crane ultimately form one logistical unit, communicating by point-to-point radio link: the shuttle moves along the rails to the correct storage position where it delivers or retrieves a pallet while the stacker crane delivers the shuttle to the correct point of storage retrieval within the warehouse. DCS and corresponding transfer cars can reduce energy usage while maintaining high throughput.

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DAMBACH Compact Shuttle Solution

Rail-guided stacker cranes together with DAMBACH Compact Shuttle opens new doors for space-saving, multi-deep storage options. Energy is saved in power caps to guarantee fast recharging times (a minimum of 8 seconds). Due to its universal application, the shuttle can also be integrated into the DAMBACH pallet-handling technology.


Key benefits of Compact Shuttle:

  • Energy stored in efficient power caps
  • Recharging time as low as 8 seconds
  • Wireless communication with the rail-guided stacker crane
  • On-board control for all movements
  • Rated loads of up to 1500 kg
  • Powerful 400 V three-phase motors
  • All eight running wheels driven

DAMBACH Compact Shuttle photos

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