DAMBACH Lagersysteme

Multi-faceted DAMBACH Lagersysteme is a German manufacturer of rail-guided stacker cranes (AS/RS) of over 40 years. Providing customers greater flexibility is a result of its highly motivated and qualified staff for their in-house development team and production facilities. DAMBACH provides a variety of equipment with or without controls (hardware) based on individual customer needs.

Dambach Unit Load ASRS

The Perfect Load-Handling Devices for any Job

DAMBACH Lagersysteme develops and produces load handling devices to seamlessly fit on rail-guided stacker cranes as well as pallet-handling technology. The perfect load-handling device is selected based on the type of materials transported as well as performance needs. Rely on pivoting forks to place loads on conventional post as well as beam rack structures without need of costly top hat support designs; especially, when handling 4-way GMA, CHEP or other closed pallets.

All DAMBACH load-handling devices are durable and minimal in height to best utilize space.


Featured DAMBACH Technology


Mini Load ASRS

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DAMBACH  Unit Load

Unit Load ASRS

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DAMBACH  Compact Shuttle

Compact Shuttle

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