Pallet Runner

Optimize storage & space; reduce overhead

Pallet Runner makes it possible to quickly store, retrieve and manage products with its eco-friendly, modern design. It has been the ideal choice for ambient warehouses, manufacturing facilities, 3PL centers, freezer facilities and more for over 10 years. Set it to LIFO or FIFO and get your pallets moving with Pallet Runner!

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How Pallet Runner works

The Pallet Runner® is a semi-automated deep lane storage system, typically used for applications with minimal SKU's and high throughput.

  • Opimization of Storing, loading and retrieving
  • Optimization of space/li>
  • Perfect integration with the various logics: case picking - 80/20 - LIFO/FIFO
  • Efficient organization of the warehouse
Pallet Runner in Motion

Specifications for Pallet Runner

  • Load capacity up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kgs) is possible
  • 10 Models of carts available, based on pallet size
  • Able to operate from 113F to - 22F
  • Communications through RF or WIFI
  • Allows for communication with other equipment such as SGV’s
  • Lithium-Ion battery powered
  • Multiple safety features
  • Multiple sensors, allowing for redundancy
Pallet Runner Carts


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Interested in Pallet Runner or want to know more?