PowerStor Deep Lane

High density & throughput storage meets low energy consumption

PowerStor is a high density, high throughput, low energy consumption automated pallet handling storage system. PowerStor uses a combination of Vertical Transfer Units to transfer units between levels and Aisle and Row carts that store and retrieve pallets on that level that operate independently of each other achieving high throughput capability.

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How PowerStore Deep Lane AS/RS works

Pallets arrive via fork lift to the induction conveyor where the product is scanned for profile and bar code label. The PowerStage system transports that pallet to either of the two VTU’s (Vertical Transfer Unit) for storage. The VTU transfers the pallet from the induction point to the correct level of storage and places it onto a pickup/deposit station.

An aisle cart & row cart pair (called an ARC) moves into the P&D station under the pallet and lifts the pallet off the P&D. The ARC then travels horizontally to the correct deep lane row of storage at which point the battery operated Row Cart leaves the aisle cart and travels to the correct pallet position in the row where it lowers the pallet onto the row rail and returns to the aisle cart for the next input or output operation.

Components of PowerStore Deep Lane AS/RS

VTU - Vertical Transfer Unit

Vertical Transfer Unit that runs up to 300 fpm vertically, with a capacity of 3,000 lbs and is counterbalanced for high energy efficiency.

  • Transfers product between levels
  • Up to 300 FPM
  • 3,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Counter balanced

AWC - Aisle Way Cart

Aisle Way Cart that runs horizontally along an aisle and transports the Row Rail Cart to the appropriate row for storage or retrieval of a pallet.

  • Loaded on each level
  • Up to 736 FPM
  • 3,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Variable Speed Control

RRC - Row Rail Cart

Battery Operated Row Rail Cart which carries the pallet and picks up and deposits each pallet in the rows or at the P&D interface point with the VTU.

  • Stores Pallets within a row
  • Battery Operated
  • 120 FPM
  • 3,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Recharges on AWC

Features & Benefits of PowerStor Deep Lane AS/RS


  • Post and Beam rack structure including an aisle way at each level for cart travel from front to back of the system.
  • Row Rails installed within the rack for both row cart track and pallet support.
  • Vertical Transfer Units – for transporting pallets between levels of storage.
  • Aisle and Row cart pairs captive on each level for storing and retrieving pallets on that level and operate independently thus allowing higher throughput capability.
  • Personnel Access with lock out –tag out to every level of storage along with a personnel catwalk the length of each aisle.
  • Fire Protection Systems can be accommodated within the rack structure.
  • Any variety of Input/output devices or systems such as conveyors, P&D stands, PowerStage, or AGV to interface with the VTU.


  • High Throughput – Hundreds of Pallets per hour possible
  • Excellent for customers with as little as 5 pallets per SKU
  • Great for existing buildings with no competition at the 20 to 30 foot ceiling height.
  • High Density storage is a serious plus - as low as 1.5 square feet per pallet.
  • Very energy efficient at .07 KW per pallet move which is less than 1 penny per pallet move.
  • Excellent in it’s configuration flexibility to be able to deal with any building layout maximize available space.








High Density Where it is ideal for existing buildings with no automated competition under 30 ft but can be made for 100 ft or higher applications.

Pre-Existing Spaces PowerStor can typically achieve 60% more storage than conventional racking systems and at least 30% more than traditional ASRS.

High Throughput With 90 pallets per hour on the low side – PowerStor can achieve 300 pallet moves per module or more depending on the layout and configuration.

Lower Cost PowerStor has been demonstrated through competitive runoffs to provide a lower overall cost of ownership – from initial capital cost to ongoing operating cost.

Green Technology With a demonstrated cost of less than 1 penny per pallet move a PowerStor module uses less energy than a single fork lift and dramatically less than traditional ASRS.

Freezer Areas Excellent in freezers and cooler applications (down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit) due to it’s high density, no labor and excellent energy efficiency.

PowerStor Deep Lane AS/RS product photos

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