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Pre-Owned Muratec

Automate your storage and retrieval processes for half the price

Bastian Solutions is offering several pre-owned Muratec Unit Load AS/RS cranes. These cranes have never been used. They were purchased from a bankruptcy. These cranes are being offered at half of their original sale price. Please see the "Price" section below. Contact us for more information!

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Pre-Owned Muratec AS/RS

See Muratec AS/RS at work

Roark streamlined their handling & storage of their tooling and dies with their purchase of a Muratec Pre-Owned AS/RS Crane from Bastian Solutions.


Specifications for Muratec Pre-Owned AS/RS

  • Crane Capacity: 1764 lb (800 kg)
  • Horizontal Speed: 260 to 525 ft/min (80 to 160 m/min)
  • Hoisting Speed: 50 to 260 ft/min (15 to 80 m/min)
  • Throughput: 30 dual cycles per hour
  • Double sided crane delivery can put away/pick up on both sides
  • Welded uprights (L 54" x H 16’9”) to hold up to (4) 800 kg loads per bay
  • Pre-owned equipment manufactured in 2010
  • Installed but never used
  • Safety fencing included

14 aisles available as is

Muratec ASRS Crane

Pre-Owned Muratec AS/RS product photos


Interested in this Pre-Owned Muratec AS/RS or want to know more?