Unit Load

Unit Load AS/RS Stacker Cranes for Any Warehouse

DAMBACH unit and mini load stacker cranes are distributed worldwide; ASRS can be up to 49m high and are produced as fully automatic Single or Twin Mast versions. They offer custom specifications such as aisle-bound or aisle-changing technologies. DAMBACH designs warehouse systems that are tailored to customers´ specific applications and varied throughput requirements. Their modular design provides a substantial increase in performance. Boost efficiency by adding components such as augmented drive packages.

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MONO Series

The high performance MONO series rail-guided stacker cranes are aisle-bound, optimizes space with capacity to carry various loads.

MONO Series benefits:

  • Up to 49 m height
  • Lifting capacities up to 6.000 kg
  • Minimum approach dimensions at the top and bottom of the travel
  • No-buffers end-of-aisle protection


See DAMBACH resources for photos and video of the MONO Series

MULTI Series

The MULTI Series is a curve-going stacker crane seamlessly changes aisles via rails and points. MULTI stacker cranes operate simultaneously to enable higher throughput

MULTI Series benefits:

  • Patented rail geometry to reduce wear
  • Two driven wheels for good maneuvering
  • Integral stacker crane and point control
  • Parameter-controlled operating strategy when using multiple stacker cranes


See DAMBACH resources for photos and video of the MULTI Series
dambach multi

DAMBACH Resources

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  • MULTI Series
  • Energy Management


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