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Unit Load AS/RS Stacker Cranes for Any Warehouse

DAMBACH unit load stacker cranes are distributed worldwide. These automated storage systems can be up to 161 feet (49 meters) high and are offered in fully automatic single or twin mast versions. They offer custom specifications such as fixed-aisle or aisle-changing technologies. DAMBACH warehouse systems are tailored to customers´ specific applications and throughput requirements. Their modular design provides fast installation and maintenance while allowing additional components like augmented drive packages to boost performance. Capable of operating down to -22°F (-30°C), these versatile systems are an ideal choice for a variety of applications including cold storage, manufacturing, 3PLs (third-party logistics) and more.

With all of the options available, it can be hard to find the right technology. Bastian Solutions engineers have the expertise and experience to analyze your operations and find the best solution to meet your goals.

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Features & Benefits

  • Various load handling attachments available to suit your specific needs
  • Safer, more precise product handling
  • Modular construction provides agility and adaptability
  • Upgradable to improve performance as warehouse needs change

Technology & Specifications

MONO Series

The high-performance MONO Series rail-guided stacker cranes are fixed-aisle, meaning they are bound to a single aisle, and optimize space with capacity to carry various loads.

DAMBACH MONO series benefits:

  • Up to 161 feet (49 meters) height
  • Lifting capacities up to 13,228 lbs. (6,000 kg)
  • Minimum approach dimensions at the top and bottom of the travel
  • No-buffers, end-of-aisle protection
  • Variable drive concepts
  • High-speed
  • Single or twin mast versions available
  • Cold-storage compatible down to -22°F (-30°C)


MULTI Series

The MULTI Series is a curve-going stacker crane seamlessly changes aisles via rails and points. MULTI stacker cranes operate simultaneously to enable higher throughput

MULTI Series benefits:

  • Up to 118 feet (36 meters) height
  • Lifting capacities up to 8,818 lbs. (4,000 kg)
  • Patented rail geometry to reduce wear
  • Two driven wheels for good maneuvering
  • Parameter-controlled operating strategy when using multiple stacker cranes
  • Single or twin mast versions available
  • Cold-storage compatible down to -22°F (-30°C)

DAMBACH Resources

  • MONO Series
  • MULTI Series
  • Energy Management

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