Westfalia Deep Aisle Unit Load AS/RS

Store large inventory easily, efficiently & reliably

A Westfalia deep-lane unit load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS or ASRS) is ideal when storing large inventory levels per SKU economically, efficiently and reliably. These systems maximize storage space usage, increase operating efficiency, raise customer service levels and reduce inventory, shipping and labor costs. By fully utilizing the cubic space of a warehouse storing pallets 1 to 12 deep in a single storage lane, high density AS/RS’s typically store 40% more in the same space. For cooler /freezer warehouses, this can result in significant energy cost savings of 30%+. 

Using the specific inventory statistics of each facility, we design and build the optimal AS/RS needed for each client. These flexible high-density AS/RS solutions can be used virtually anywhere, in freezers to ambient environments, in existing conventional low bay warehouses only 20’ high, as well as new warehouses up to 130’ high. Our solution is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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Mini Load ASRS

How Westfalia Deep Lane Unit Load AS/RS works

Using Westfalia’s High Density AS/RS Satellite® load carrying device, pallets are quickly and smoothly transported into and out of the storage racks onto the Storage Retrieval Machine (SRM). By loading two pallets at a time on the SRM, higher throughput needs can be met. The SRM picks up loads from infeed conveyors, places them in storage, retrieves the pallet(s) when needed for order fulfillment, and places them on out feed conveyors which can replenish pick areas or truck staging area.


Specifications for Westfalia Deep Lane Unit Load AS/RS

  • SRM horizontal maximum speed is 900 ft./min; vertical speed is 400 ft/min
  • SRM can handle up to 120 pallets per hour when handling pairs, with either long or short side leading
  • Handles virtually all pallet types (GMA, CHEP, 9-block or custom pallets), paper rolls, trays and totes
  • Variable storage lane depths: pallets/totes 1 to 12 deep
  • Optional triple or quadruple pallet support depending on pallet weight


Selecting the optimal storage configuration depends on numerous factors: product data, load weights, load sizes, throughput rates, storage capacity, and order picking requirements. Westfalia’s Satellite® technology enables flexibility in system configurations. In a single aisle, one side may have 1 or 2 deep pallet storage, while the other has storage lanes with pallets up to 12-deep. It all depends on the inventory statistics and needs of each client. With deep lane configurations (pallets 1 to 12 deep in a lane), one aisle/ one SRM has access to an almost unlimited number of pallets or loads. In addition, the SRM automatically links large amounts of reserve storage to a pick module, without aisle to aisle transfers.

For 2 aisle systems, the combination of Westfalia’s Satellite® technology and Savanna.NET® WMS offers even more flexibility as the lane depths in the middle block (between the 2 aisles) can be changed as inventory needs requires.


Features & Benefits of Westfalia Deep Lane Unit Load AS/RS 


Westfalia’s standard heavy-duty double mast SRM assures long life and minimum wear to the SMR/crane rail and crane components. Dual drives on both the horizontal & vertical axis of the SRM reduce motor size requirements, creating a maintenance friendly machine. Our SRMs are capable of handling anything from totes to 16,000 pound self storage modules. All SRMs are thoroughly tested on our test track before shipping to a customer, guaranteeing the highest quality standard.


  • Maximizing storage capacity in ambient, cooler & frozen environments for existing conventional warehouses as well as new high rise warehouses
  • For new construction, smaller building footprint means less environmental impact and building cost savings
  • Reduction in labor costs – fewer workers, safer for employees by keeping them out of the racks
  • Reduction in operating costs via energy savings, reduction in product damage, etc.
  • Increased order accuracy and customer service

Industries & Applications of Westfalia Deep Lane Unit Load AS/RS 


Westfalia’s high density AS/RS can be used in virtually any environment. They are built to last with proven reliability in freezer, cooler and ambient environments of 20 years+.


Warranty for Westfalia Deep Lane Unit Load AS/RS 

Westfalia Technologies Inc. warrants its products to be of sound material and workmanship for a period of one year. Westfalia will honor this warranty provided the customer has maintained a documented preventative maintenance (PM) service program and schedule with inspections/service every 6 months during the warranty period.


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