Automated Guided Carts

Tug-Cart Mouse

Remove variables for increased consistency with Automated Guided Carts

As more conventional warehouse and manufacturing operations become automated, the automated guided cart is a perfect solution to increase efficiency with quick returns. With a low-profile design, the AGC is capable of fitting in tight areas with ease as well as operating safely around workers and equipment. Gain higher throughput and minimal downtime with a solution that's ready to work around-the-clock.

Benefits of Automated Guided Carts

Increase Throughput
Increase throughput and efficiency

with consistent and reliable transport

Employee Safety
Improve employee safety

with predictable and consistent movements

Low Downtime
Minimal downtime

solve inconsistent labor availability

Safe, accurate movements
Reduce product, facility and equipment damage

Featured Automated Guided Cart Technology

Toyota Mouse

TOYOTA Tug-Cart Mouse

Smart Cart AGC

SmartCart AGC

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