Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go® Automated Guided Vehicle

Increase productivity and reduce costs by improving your own resources

Save 30-40% in your warehouse operations with the Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go® AGV. With the Pick-n-Go® you are able to increase productivity and decrease costs by developing the resources you already have.

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How Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go® AGV works

Pick-n-Go® is based on automated forklifts that can be provided by your current fork lift supplier. The system lets your pickers and automated forklifts work together so that wherever a worker picks an item, there is always a forklift ready and waiting. 

To begin the process, the Warehouse Management System sends the customer order to a picker and a forklift simultaneously. At this moment, the forklift is automatically placed in the correct position with forks at the right height for the current order. With the forklift nearby, the picker can now pick the order and place the goods in an efficient and ergonomic way on the pallet. A new order is then sent from the system and the forklift automatically escorts the picker to the next location. When the pallet is almost full the system sends a new forklift with an empty pallet to the picker. The forklift with the full pallet travels to the dispatch area. After leaving the pallet at the dispatch area, the forklift picks up a new empty pallet and is ready for a new picking order. The picker continues to work on the next order without interruption, never leaving the picking area. 


Specifications for Pick-n-Go® AGV

  • Vehicle speeds typically set to 1.5 m/s
  • Equipped with obstacle detection sensors
  • Manual mode capability
  • Emergency stop feature
  • VMC500 Main vehicle controller
  • VMC S/D controller
  • S3000 Safety sensor
  • OPT100 Display
  • S100 Obstacle scanner
  • Vehicle controller base program
  • Kollmorgen L35 laser scanner or Sky-Trax positioning camera

Benefits of Pick-n-Go® AGV

  • Safety in a mixed environment
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Less damage to goods, pallets, and racks
  • Works with any forklift brand or model
  • Easy to integrate with your Warehouse Management Systems and picking equipment systems such as Pick to Voice
  • Removes unproductive steps in picking process leading to higher picking productivity
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Forklifts use less energy and last longer
Interested in Kollmorgen Pick-n-Go® AGV or want to know more?