Global Material Handling System Integrators

Laser AGVs


Automate your Facility with Flexible Laser Guided Vehicles

Laser Guided Vehicles offer a flexible solution to easily automate your facility quickly. Obtain the benefits of traditional AGV technology with the added bonus of seamless adaptation to your current facility with no need for static barriers. With use of flexible reflective strips, AGVs can easily get to work improving the functionality of warehouses in most industries.

Interested in Laser AGVs?

easy way to quickly automate an infrastructure without modification

to meet workflow changes and capacity demands

Increase throughput
with reliable and consistent functionality

Improve safety
of workers, products and equipment with precise, controlled movements


Minimal downtime
run AGVs for multiple shifts

How Laser AGVs work

Laser technology enhances AGV functionality by allowing the vehicles to operate in a warehouse without the need for invasive physical barriers. These AGVs are guided by multiple, fixed reference points that are detected by a laser sensor on the top of each vehicle. Additionally, the reference points are easily scalable by simply moving reflectors to different locations as needed. Laser guided AGVs offer a more innovative method of controlling AGV workflows than more traditional solutions.

Common Laser AGV Solutions by Function

Cross Docking




Interested in Laser AGVs?