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Laser Guided & Natural Features AGVs


Automate Your Facility with Flexible Laser Guided & Natural Features Navigation Vehicles

Laser-guided vehicles offer a flexible solution to easily automate your facility quickly. Obtain the benefits of traditional AGV technology with the added bonus of seamless adaptation to your current facility with no need for static barriers.

Laser guided vehicles can operate in a few ways. For laser guidance, lasers on the vehicle are bounced off of reflectors located around the facility, allowing the vehicle to triangulate its position and follow its programmed path. Natural features navigation operates similarly, except it uses its laser scanner to identify structures in its environment and match their locations to a programmed map. This allows the AGV to determine its own position on the programmed map and follow its programmed path. Laser guided and natural features navigation AGVs can easily get to work improving the functionality of warehouses in most industries.

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easy way to quickly automate an infrastructure without modification

to meet workflow changes and capacity demands

Increase throughput
with reliable and consistent functionality

Improve safety
of workers, products and equipment with precise, controlled movements


Minimal downtime
run AGVs for multiple shifts

Natural Features Navigation AGVs


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