Lynx Small Load Mobile Robot 

Transport products out-of-the-box with self-navigation

The Lynx is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) built for transporting payloads and custom applications. It will increase the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing and logistics processes.  The mapping software integrated into the Lynx allows it to be immediately functional and require no facility modification.  It is able to self-navigate through crowded locations and small areas.  This means it can safely avoid obstacles, such as people.  This also eliminates 15% of the cost of traditional AGV’s that require adapting to the site when they arrive.

The on-board power supply will sustain a load of 132 lbs for 13 hours between charges.  The lifespan of this system is 7 years.  Software provides navigation and management of the entire system including transport requests and position of robots.  This allows it to be easily scalable and adaptable. 

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Lynx Mobile Robot in Motion

How small load AGVs work

Small Load AGVs' are battery powered dive units that are autonomous. They are used to retrieve and delivery small items such as boxes, totes, or trays of product or supplies. In most cases, Small Load AGVs' are used in place of carts or pallet jacks that require a person to perform the action. Most of these actions are highly repetitive, happening either continuously throughout the day or at scheduled intervals.

Small Load AGVs' are great for repetitive actions, long distances, or in hazardous areas. Because they are autonomous, Small Load AGVs' reduce human labor, improve worker safety due to reduced fork lift traffic, and the reduce potential product damage thanks to the unit's precise and controlled movements. Product delivery and timing is also trackable so products are where they should be, when they should be. Ease of programming & reprogramming is another added benefit.

Lynx Mobile Robot

Lynx small load mobile robot AGV


Specifications for Lynx mobile robot AGV

  • Weight: 132 lbs (60kg)
  • Load Weight, Level Surface: 132 lbs (60kg)
  • Load Weight, 20% Grade: 44 lbs (20kg)
  • Battery: 24VDC LiFePO4
  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • Run Time: 13 hours (Continuous)
  • Recharge Time: 3.5 hours (5:1 ratio)
  • Battery Life: 7 years (16hr/day, 5days/wk)
  • Charging Station: Automatic (Optional)
  • Auxiliary Power: 5,12, 20 VDC
  • Maximum Speed: 67 in./sec (1800 mm/sec)
  • Tire Composition: Non-Marking Rubber
  • Suspension: Passive
  • Steering: Differential
  • Turning Radius: 0
  • Swing Radius: 13.5 in. (343 mm)
  • Traversable Gap: 0.6 in. (15 mm)
  • Traversable Sill: 0.6 in. (15 mm)
Lynx Mobile Robot in motion

navigating Lynx Mobile robot 


Lynx Mobile Robot AGV benefits & features

  • Small mobile platform simplifies payload integration
  • Avoids obstacles (such as people) using self-navigation software
  • Reliable drive system
  • Navigates using a digital map
  • Ready to use, no modifications needed
  • Manages power and self-charging


  • Manufacturing
  • Intralog1istics / Warehousing / Distribution
  • Cleantech
  • Healthcare
Lynx Mobile Robot back

Back of Lynx Mobile Robot AGV


Lynx Mobile Robot product photos

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