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M4A Mouse AGV


One Mighty Mouse

The M4A Mouse automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a dependable, flexible and cost-effective way to automate and optimize your manufacturing and assembly line processes. The M4A Mouse AGV safely and reliably transports parts and products where they're needed, reducing product and facility damage and freeing up labor for more valuable tasks. Natural features navigation with LiDAR allows routes and missions to be easily changed on the fly while category 3 safety ratings allow safe operation around pedestrian and forklift traffic.


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How It Works

The M4A Mouse is a low-profile tugger AGV that transports casterized carts along programmed routes to designated stops, pick ups, and drop off points. With a category 3 safety-rating, this driverless vehicle can safely navigate among pedestrian and forklift traffic without hitting obstacles. 

Using natural features navigation, this the M4A mouse uses Omron LiDAR scanners to identify features in its environment and match them to a virtual map to determine its location and move along its programmed paths to designated pick up and drop off points. 

Hitching to a cart is as easy as driving to the programmed pickup location, driving underneath the cart and raising its tow pin. Multiple routes and missions can be programmed for the day or changed on the fly by an operator at a computer using the provided software. When connected to WMS software, missions can be automatically assigned and changed as needed. If your facility layout changes, routes, missions, and stops are all easily changed through the provided software.

M4A Mouse AGV


  • Seamless addition to any assembly line
  • Flexible routes that can be changed on the fly from a computer
  • Automatic route changes when connected with WMS software
  • Reduces or eliminates damage to products, facility and equipment
  • Increases employee safety
  • Round-the-clock dependable performance
  • High efficiency, productivity and reliability
  • Removes variables for increased consistency
  • Easy to operate
M4A Mouse Towing cart

Mouse AGV Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 1,000 kg / 2,200 lbs
  • Drawbar (Maximum): 95 LBF
  • Electrical System: 24-Volt
  • Guidance Method: Natural features navigation via LIDAR
  • Drive Type: DC brushless motors with dedicated drivers
  • Steering Method: Tricycle with differential traction wheels
  • Travel Instruction Method: Feature map with virtual path planning and devices
M4A Mouse AGV Spec Plate

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