Global Material Handling System Integrators

M4A Mouse AGV


One Mighty Mouse

Your pathway to increased productivity. The M4A Mouse AGV fits into tight areas, shares aisles with pedestrians and forklift traffic, and adapts easily to future change. Available with either magnetic or natural features (LiDAR) navigation, this AGV is a dependable, versatile and cost-effective way to optimize your manufacturing and assembly line processes through automation.


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‚ÄčMouse AGV Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 1,000 kg / 2,200 lbs
  • Drawbar (Maximum): 95 LBF
  • Electrical System: 24-Volt
  • Guidance Method: Natural features via LIDAR
  • Drive Type: DC brushless motors with dedicated drivers
  • Steering Method: Tricycle with differential traction wheels
  • Travel Instruction Method: Feature map with virtual path planning and devices


  • Reduces expensive - and sometimes dangerous - employee errors
  • Increases employee safety
  • Round-the-clock dependable performance
  • High-efficiency, productivity and reliability
  • Removes variables for increased consistency
  • Reduces or eliminates damage to products, facility and equipment
  • Seamless addition to any assembly line
  • Easy to operate

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