SEEGRID GT10 Tow Tractor VGV 


Tow loads up to 10,000 lbs with Vision Technology 

SEEGRID's GT10 Tow Tractor VGV is designed for easy operation and flexibility by utilizing the RideThruThenWork™ when deployed. It requires no infrastructure/facility modifications nor engineering resources to get to work quickly. Vision technology means no tape or reflectors are needed for vehicle navigation. Get your VGVs working for you quickly and easily.

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How GT10 Tow Tractor VGV works

The most simple, affordable, flexible automated tow tractor solution for moving product in manufactur-ing, as well as warehousing and distribution facilities, the VGV travels without wires, lasers, tape, or magnets.  Seegrid’s Vision technology provides operators complete vehicle control to quickly modify or add routes without engineering support.  Attach the load to the GT10 tow tractor, type in the route on the key-pad, and the VGV is ready to transport.

Designed for material flow and throughput optimization, the VGV can be deployed as a stand-alone or scalable fleet automation solution. Maximizes the use of VGVs by integrating with current software systems, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

The GT10 tow tractor meets U.S. safety related standards when used as directed by properly trained personnel. The GT10 tow tractor operates both automatically and manually.


SEEGRID GT10 Tow Tractor


Specifications for GT10 Tow Tractor

Maximum Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
Maximum Speed Automatic:
2.4 mph
Maximum Speed Manual:
4.4 mph Width: 36’’
1,860 lbs.
Grade: 2.5%


Additional Features

  • Route capacity: 15 miles
  • Unlimited individual routes


  • Battery amp/hr maximum capacity: 840
  • Battery compartment: (LxWxH) 33.3’’x 13.5’’x 31.6’’
  • Battery Connector: Seegrid standard, Red SB-175
  • Battery weight min. 854 lbs., max. 1,500 lbs.
  • Battery change roll deck standard


  • ANSI/ITSDF/ B56.5-2012
  • ANSI B11.0
  • Primary personnel detection safety system
  • Secondary object detection system
  • ISO 13849 category 3 emergency stop buttons
  • LED lightbar
  • Turn signals
  • Acoustic warning system

Front of GT10 Tow Tractor VGV


Benefits and applications of GT10 Tow Tractor

  • Improves worker and facility safety
  • Reduces labor and operating costs
  • Reduces product, facility, and equipment damage
  • Increases productivity and profitability

Standard Behaviors

  • Slows down during turns for maximum safety
  • Stops if detects an object by the light curtain or stop fields, resumes after object is removed
  • Always sounds horn before beginning or resuming automatic travel

Trained Behaviors

  • Timed pauses at intersections where other traffic has right of way
  • Wait to start until operator presses Push to Work button for GT10 to continue
  • Sounding the horn in busy areas, near walkways, in turns, etc.
  • Ramps

Ideal for applications such as

  • Putaway
  • Long hauls
  • Replenishment
  • Staging/sortation
  • Cross docking
GT10 Tow Tractor VGV

Reduce labor costs with GP10 Tow Tractor


GT10 Tow Tractor product photos

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