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Rogue Composite Pallet


Why Rogue Pallet?


Fiber Reinforced Lightweight Composite

One of the most overlooked components of an efficient material handling platform is the pallet. Bastian Solutions, a leader in the systems integration and material handling industry, knows too well the current challenges and trades offs one most face when deciding which pallet to buy. Bastian Solutions took the challenge head on and engineered a pallet with the benefits of the wood block pallet (upfront cost and strength), the benefits of plastic (cleanliness, international shipping, and re-usability) and added additional benefits.

Block Pallet Specifications

Rackable Load Capacity 2,800 lbs
Dynamic Load Capacity 5,000 lbs
Static Load Capacity 8,500 lbs
Dimensions 48" x 40"x 5.56"
Weight 70 lbs
Window Entry 48" side
Window Entry 40" side
14.7"w x 4.2"h
13.7"w x 4.2"h

Rackable • Four Way Entry • Meets GMA Requirements • ASTM/ISO Standards


Key Attributes



With our innovative Fiber Reinforced Lightweight Composite Core and Armored Skin, Rogue is rackable up to 2800lbs, impact resistant, dimensionally stable, and is reusable for more trips. No more one time use pallets and no longer will products be damaged due to pallet failure. Eliminates downtime due to a pallet jam. 



Wrapped in our engineered Armored Skin, Rogue boasts a rugged architecture that is abrasion resistant and eliminates creep. Designed to withstand the harshest warehouse environments, have a long life expectancy, and is fire retardant 



No more injured employees due to splinters or protruding nails. Loss of inventory due to a broken wood or plastic pallet is a thing of the past. Rogue is constructed without the use heavy hardware to ensure your employee's safety 


Cost Savings

Rogue Composite Pallet offers the most competitive life cycle cost while providing all the benefits of a more expensive plastic or steel pallet, at the low cost of a traditional wood pallet. Eliminating the high upfront costs for quality pallets



Rogue is constructed with low environmental impact materials that enable Rogue to be reusable for years to come, greatly reducing the use of natural resources such as wood.



High sanitation areas like a refrigerator or medical facility need to avoid outside contaminants. We engineered Rogue to meet FDA cleanliness requirements. No longer need to fumigate wood pallets that may contain outside intruders.



We sought out to apply our expertise in material handling systems integration with the Rogue Composite Pallet. Rogue is compatible with your current supply chain and material handling equipment (MHE) such as pallet conveyor, pallet dispensers, AS/RS, fully automated systems, and robotic palletizers.



Ideal for defined loop supply chains such as grocery, pharmaceutical, distribution centers, automotive, and home & garden.

Additional Features


Smart Tag

Rogue can be equipped with a smart device using technologies like GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular to provide telemetry capabilities that go beyond simply just tracking: it generates live data which can be used in Cloud analytics to provide deep insights into the transportation, treatment, and status of a customer’s pallet.


Marketing Opportunity

Rogue can have custom graphics installed to better reflect your company's brand and identify particular shipments.


Download the brochure for a complete guide to Rogue Pallet