High Rate Transfer

Gain Speed with a High Rate Transfer

The high rate transfer was designed for high throughput as well as small items. It features rollers and transfer belts on 2.25” centers and can handle rates up to 40 cases per minute. It uses inline belts along with a pop-up rollers to divert items 90 degrees. The transfer is powered exclusively with 48V DC motors so there is no need for pneumatic lines to be installed. It works well in all transfer applications but was specifically designed for high rate transfers within pick modules.

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High Rate Transfer

High Rate Transfer Benefits

  • Ideal for use in pick modules
  • Great for small cases (down to 4”x 6”)
  • Low-maintenance, very robust
  • All electric (non-pneumatic)
  • Quiet operation
High Rate Transfer

High Rate Transfer Specifications

Overall Width: 18” | 24” | 30”
Length: 24” | 30”
Motors:Three 48 volt DC Servo Motors
Power: All electric (non-pneumatic)
Speed: Up to 350 feet per minute
Rate: Up to 40 cartons per minute
Product Load Capacity: Max 75lb
Minimum Case Size: 4” x 6”

High Rate Transfer

Spec Sheet


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