Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor

What is an enclosed track overhead conveyor?

Enclosed track overhead conveyor is a series of trolleys transporting products and materials by an overhead track that is connected to a looping chain. It can run in multiple directions, both horizontally and vertically. With a closed track, it prevents contamination from reaching chain and open surfaces and also reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Enclosed track overhead conveyor types

Box Tube Enclosed Track

A widely considered to be the “Cadillac” of overhead enclosed track conveyor. This rugged 3/16” thick high carbon alloy steel tubular track comes with a standard powder coat finish. It can also be provided un-painted or in stainless steel. The tube design is easier to install in the field and has a higher capacity rating. Two chain pitches are available 6” and 8”. Capacities are 60 lbs. and 80 lbs. per pendent respectively.

Round Tube Enclosed Track

A cost-effective means for conveying products overhead. Generally used for lower capacity applications (50 lbs. per pendent).  The product line is built around special cold-formed, open seam steel tubing track, high tensile, heat-treated roller bearing chain and standard zinc-plated pendants and side plates.  

Enclosed track

Benefits of enclosed track overhead conveyors

  1. Decreases overall footprint
  2. Transports goods to operator
  3. Multi-directional on vertical and horizontal tracks
  4. Multiple drives provide increased lengths
  5. Round tube track style is installed without need for welding

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