Power and Free Overhead Conveyor

What is power and free overhead conveyor?

Power and Free overhead conveyor systems combine the positive drive, fixed path characteristics of conventional overhead conveyor with the flexibility of gravity conveyor. This combination allows the operator to simultaneously control loads being conveyed anywhere on the system to start, stop, accumulate, change elevation, increase or decrease speeds, vary load spacing, transfer, store and sort. Systems can be designed to interface well with production personnel in addition to allowing product carriers to be presented precisely to interact with a wide variety of process automation.

Power and free systems are configured utilizing a track of unique design that couples powered chain track (power) with non-powered, load carrying trolley track (free). Systems can be designed to incorporate either overhead power and free track – where it is beneficial to convey the load below the conveyor track – or inverted power and free where it is desirable to position the conveyor load above the conveyor track for 360 degree access to the load.


Interested in power and free overhead conveyor?

Benefits of power and free overhead conveyor

High volume, durability and high reliability

Far fewer motors and far fewer moving parts that can go wrong

Electrical systems for power and free conveyors are typically much simpler than for friction conveyors or for electrified monorail systems.

Multi-functional capabilities

Interested in power and free overhead conveyor?