Eurosort Cross Tray Sorter

Accurately sort small, lightweight, and fragile goods

The EuroSort cross tray sorter is designed to sort small, light, and difficult-to-convey items quickly, accurately, and without damage. It easily handles small parcels, shoe boxes, light ecommerce items, and pharmaceuticals. 

Products are contained on all four sides, ensuring every product stays in place during its journey. Cleats on both sides allow products to be gently and accurately discharged in either direction to the correct location. 


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EuroSort Cross Tray Sorter

Applications & Benefits 

  • Range of product - The tray is enclosed on all four sides creating a “pocket“ and enabling sortation of round or non-conveyable items both left and right.
  • Flexibility - The EuroSort Flex Drive system provides extreme flexibility in layouts, allowing for inclines and declines, and unlimited lengths.
  • Simplicity - Simple, efficient mechanisms decrease cost and increase uptime.
  • Accuracy - A patented discharge mechanism enables a small drop zone and an industry leading accuracy rate.
Cross Tray Sorter with varying product sizes


  • Machine capacity – 9,600 trays/hour
  • Speed – up to 1.2 m/s
  • Minimum product weight – .05 kg
  • Maximum product weight – 10 kg
  • Minimum product size – 40mm x 40mm x 1mm
  • Maximum product size – 400mm x 600mm x 400mm
  • Tray size – 400mm x 600mm



  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-3_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-27_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-14_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-18_hr-thumb2
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-8_hr

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