High Speed Paddle Sorters

Sort small items of difficult shapes and sizes with ease

High speed paddle sorters are used to sort items difficult to convey due to their irregular shapes & small itesm like DVD's or CD's. paddle sorters can divert 200 items per minute and at a right angle onto chutes on close center lines.

Bastian Solutions has a strong history of High Speed Paddle sorter installtions across many industries. Let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation accuracy.

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High Speed Paddle Sorter

How High Speed Paddle Sorters Work

High speed paddle style small item sortation systems as shown here support varying product types and sizes. Uniformly sized product is horizontally stacked in the divert lanes in “loaves” much like sliced bread. A signal light or display then directs an operator to place the loaf of product in the shipping carton when ready, and then place the carton on a takeaway conveyor mounted beneath the high speed paddle system.


High speed paddle sortation offers a fast sortation for product that are difficult to convey due to their irregular shapes, sizes, & weights.


High speed paddle sorter rates are up to 90 cartons per minute.

Maximum load capacity is 5 lbs.

Industries & Applications


High Speed Paddles are used heavily due to their high speed and ability to sort a very wide variety of small items:

  • Health & beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Consumer Products
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech


High Speed Paddle sorters are used to accomplish high speed sortation of small items:

  • CD’s-DVD’s
  • Smaller items
  • Loose grocery items
  • Pharmaceuticals items

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