High Speed Pusher Sorters

Sort small to medium sized items of irregular shapes with ease

High speed pusher sorters are used to sort items difficult to convey due to their irregular shapes. High speed pneumatic pushers can divert 120 items per minute and at a right angle onto chutes on close center lines

Bastian Solutions has a strong history of High Speed Pusher sorter installtions across many industries. Let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation accuracy.

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How High Speed Pusher Sorters work

High speed pushers accurately track and divert small to medium sized products onto chutes that are 90-degrees from the sorting conveyor at rates up to 120 items per minute. often times very high speed pushers utilize a modular plastic belt with a pusher mechanism, to provide a positive divert. As the product moves directly in front of the divert lane the pusher extends to quickly send the product down the desired divert lane. All pusher types change the product orientation with respect to its travel direction at the moment the product is pushed into the divert lane.



High speed pushers are versatile and can be utilized in many applications including the sortation of items difficult to convey owing to their small and irregular shapes like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Another advantage of this sorter is the closeness of divert centers, thus conserving space. High speed pushers are less expensive than shoe sorters and are more easily expanded to accomidate future sortation needs. Additionally, pneumatic pushers can sort larger, irregularly shaped items up to 75 lbs. These items can include groceries, containers of washing detergent, and other types of small packaged products.


Specifications for High Speed Pusher Sorter

High speed pusher sorter rates are 120 cartons per minute.

Maximum load capacity is 80 lbs.

Products Sorted

High Speed Pusher sorters are used to accomplish high speed sortation of small items:

  • Cosmetics
  • Smaller items
  • Grocery items
  • Pharmaceuticals items


High Speed Pushers are used heavily due to their high speed and ability to sort a very wide variety of small items

  • Health & beauty
  • Consumer Products
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech

Budgetary Pricing for High Speed Pusher Sorter

ViperSort - High Speed Pusher Sorter

Overall Width Price Per Foot Price Per Pusher Divert Price Per Divert Chute
13-1/4" $528.00 $5,090.00 $360.00
15-1/4" $557.00 $5,090.00 $360.00
17-1/4" $587.00 $5,090.00 $360.00
19-1/4" $616.00 $5,090.00 $360.00

*Equipment pricing only. Does not include controls components or software. Does not include installation.

Sample Calculation:

I am looking for budgetary pricing of a 27” Overall Width, 40’ Long MRT Sorter, with six (6) 30o diverts.

Budgetary Price = ($546.00 x 40) + ($4270.00 x 6) = $21,840 + $25,620 = $47,460

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