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Narrow Belt Sorters

Save warehouse space with narrow belt sorters

The Narrow Belt Sorter is designed with multiple narrow belts to transport product. High-friction divert wheels rise up between the belts to accurately divert product at a 30 to 90 degree angle down the divert lane. The conveyor is designed to transfer small to medium-size items such as boxes, cartons, totes, etc. and product can be transferred off either side of the sorter.

Bastian Solutions has a strong history of narrow belt sorter installations across many industries. Let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation accuracy.

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How a Narrow Belt Sorter works

“Very narrow belt” sorters are designed with multiple narrow belts to transport items. High-friction divert wheels rise up between the belts to accurately divert product at either a 30 or 90 degree angle down the divert lane.

90° Configuration

When the pop up rollers are positioned at a 90 degree angle to the main belts, the product is moved off the sorter at a right angle causing a change in the product orientation, and operates at speeds up to 90 cartons per minute.

30° Configuration

The high speed unit with pop up rollers positioned at a 30 degree divert angle is capable of handling high sort rates, up to 100 cartons per minute, based on product size and does not alter product orientation.


Benefits of Narrow Belt Sorters

The narrow belt sorter possesses the advantage of exerting smaller amounts of “pushing” forces on the product. The narrow belt sorter also provides the advantage of space savings when configured with 90 degree divert lanes since lanes are able to be placed virtually next to each other.


Narrow Belt Sorters by Industry

Industries where Narrow Belt Sortation is used:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical

ZiPline Raptor Sorter

The ZiPline Raptor Sorter is designed to the specifications of each system using modular, standard components. Product moves smoothly and swiftly down the length of the Raptor until reaching the specified 90 degree divert lane. Created to handle SKUs with a wide range of specifications, the conveyor accurately transports and diverts products smaller than any other sorter like it currently on the market. The Raptor’s ability to place diverts back to back coupled with the fact that diverts are left, right, or ambidextrous make the sorter highly effective in optimizing floor space.

How it Works:

Raptor Sorters are comprised of multiple ZiPline brand TREX transfers. These modular and highly customizable transfers use narrow, belted blades to drive product forward and polyurethane coated rollers that electrically actuate to perform 90 degree diverts. For extended lengths between diverts, ZiPline brand BRBDC conveyors provide a steady conveying surface.


The Raptor Sorter possesses myriad design permutations, allowing for customized systems that optimize floor space. The transfers have such tight roller centers, that especially small products can be conveyed. Raptors are run entirely using low DC voltage so compressed air is not necessary.


  • Standard Over All Widths: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”
  • Standard Divert Speed (Max): 180 FPM
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 50 lbs. per box
  • Length: Customizable
  • Distance Between Diverts: Customizable based on OAW and need
  • Number of Diverts: Customizable
  • Direction of Diverts: Customizable

Hytrol ProSortMRT Narrow Belt Sorter


Narrow belt sorter rates are 100 cartons per minute.

The maximum load capacity is 50 lbs.

Hytrol ProSort MRT - Narrow Belt Sorter budgetary pricing

Single-Sided Divert
Overall width Price Per Foot Price Per 30ºDivert Price Per 90º Divert
18" $411.00 $4,270.00 $5,853.00
21" $457.00 $4,270.00 $5,853.00
24" $504.00 $4,270.00 $5,853.00
27" $546.00 $4,270.00 $5,853.00
30" $596.00 $4,270.00 $5,853.00


*Equipment pricing only. Does not include controls components or software. Does not include installation.

Sample Calculation

I am looking for budgetary pricing of a 27” Overall Width, 40’ Long MRT Sorter, with six (6) 30o diverts.

Budgetary Price = ($546.00 x 40) + ($4270.00 x 6) = $21,840 + $25,620 = $47,460

Narrow Belt Sorter Resources

Cut Sheet

Product photos

  • hytrol narrow belt sorter diverting boxes
  • Narrow Belt Sorter with Double Sided Diverts
  • Narrow Belt Sorter with Angled Divert
  • Narrow Belt Sorter With Pop-up Rollers

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