Tilt Tray Sorter

Sort even the most difficult products with tilt tray sorters

A tilt-tray sorter is a high-speed, continuous-loop sortation conveyor that uses a technique of tilting a tray at a chute to slide the object into the chute. It is used to expedite the process of Order fulfillment to consolidate line items of an order, and to process returned products for immediate updating of inventory in real time. It is great for handling not only cartons and totes, but also soft goods that are difficult to sort with other technologies.

Bastian Solutions has a strong history of Tilt Tray Sorter installations across many industries. Let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation accuracy.


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How a Tilt Tray Sorter works

Tilt tray sortation will simultaneously sort irregularly shaped products from small lightweight polybags to larger packages weighing up to 75 lbs. Tilt Tray sortation works best when the items are able to slip off or flow off the tray by gravity. Sortation rates with double induction can exceed 375 cartons per minute.


Benefits of Tilt Tray Sorters

The tilt tray mechanism and chutes are adapted at the time of manufacturing to handle weights and sizes of the products for each given application. Sorters are manufactured in modules to allow fast and easy future expansion with minimum interruption of workflow. The high speed tilt tray sorter is designed to provide high reliability while requiring minimal maintenance. Another benefit of tilt tray sortation is that one divert point can have four divert locations.


Tilt Tray Sorters by Industry

Tilt Trays are used heavily in postal, entertainment, and apparel applications due to their high speed and ability to sort a very wide variety of items including polybags.

  • Parcel-Courier
  • Postal
  • Publishing
  • Entertainment
  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Clothing & apparel
  • Mail order fulfillment

Tilt Tray Sorter Specifications

Tilt tray sorter rates are 375 cartons per minute. Maximum load capacity is 155 lbs.

Tilt Tray sorters are used to accomplish high speed sortation of small items:

  • Polybag's
  • CD’s-DVD’s
  • Smaller parcels
  • Jewelry
  • Pieces (each)
  • Books-Magazines
  • Soft Goods
  • Medical Vials
  • Optical Products
Tilt tray sortation onto divert

Tilt Tray Sorter Resources

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Interested in tilt tray sorters or want to know more?