Sawtooth Merge Sortation Conveyors

Get maximum throughput with accumulating sawtooth merges

Combiners & Merges are used to merge the flow of multiple infeed lines of conveyor, typically from upstream pick modules, into a single stream of product on a single conveyor. Combiners and merges include the technologies of sawtooth merges, belt merges, switch tables, herring bone roller combiners, "belt to roller" merges, magna switches, and bi-directional transfers.

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Sawtooth merge conveyors

How Sawtooth Merge Conveyors work

Merges and combiners are typically feed by an accumulation conveyor which has separated the product. Normally product will be slug released, meaning that a full lane of accumulated product is released at once through the merge. A sawtooth merge application can accumulate product in a round robin fashion, meaning that it collects on one or more lines while releasing on another line, providing maximum throughput of product to the sorter. The recirculation line is often given priority.

There are many other merge options. Shown here is a combiner or zipper, which is a wide belt conveyor fitted with vertical plows in a funnel shape for the purpose of merging cartons from multiple parallel lines. The plows are actually small moving belts that smoothly guide the product from the wide to narrow parts of the funnel.

Sawtooth Merge Becton Dickinson

Sawtooth merge for Becton Dickinson


Benefits & Applications for Sawtooth Merge Conveyor


Merges & Combiners enable sortation systems to effectively keep pace with the picking stations, thus maximizing the efficiency of your sorter.


Merge Conveyor & Combiner Conveyors can sort all products that employ sortation equipment

  • Totes
  • Parcels
  • Cartons
  • Cartons
  • Packages
Sawtooh Merge iHerb

Sawtooth merge belt conveyor


Specifications & Industries for Sawtooth Merge 


Merge Conveyor & Combiner Conveyor Rates= 300 cartons per minute

Maximum Load Capacity = 75 Lbs


Merge Conveyor & Combiner Conveyor are commonly used in all industries that employ sortation equipment.

Sawtooth Merge Illustration

Sawtooth Merge Illustration


Pricing for Sawtooth Merge Conveyor

Typical investment is $600,000 USD.

Sawtooth Merge belt conveyor

Sawtooth Merge belt conveyor


Sawtooth Merge Conveyor product photos

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