3D Robotic Cube Storage for Next-Level Order Processing

Maximize your facility's storage footprint and order fulfillment capabilities with AttaboticsTM 3D robotic goods to person system. Inspired by the efficiency and tunnels inside ant colonies, Attabotics 3D robotic storage, retrieval, and order fulfillment system combines a dense storage cube structure, storage bins, robots (called AttabotsTM), and workstations to modernize and automate the order fulfillment process. The result is faster, more accurate order processing and fulfillment with less space and less labor, allowing workers to focus on value-added activities that improve customer experience.

Perfect for ecommerce, microfulfillment, and lights out warehousing, this automated system reduces storage space by up to 85%, allowing companies to build smaller, more efficient fulfillment centers located closer to customers, closing the gap on last-mile delivery and microfulfillment. With fast construction and integration and minimal infrastructure requirements, Attabotics is a smart way to quickly modernize your company's distribution and fulfillment facilities.

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How It Works

Attabotics system consists of a "3D" cube storage structure, bins, Attabots, and workstations. The storage structure consists of a metal racking grid or matrix that bins are stored inside. Bins are only accessible by the Attabots, which can travel on top of the structure, underneath, and up and down the tunnels to retrieve bins as needed.

Order picking and inventory replenishment occurs at ergonomics workstations located along the perimeter of the structure.

When an order needs to be filled, an Attabot travels through the appropriate tunnel to access the designated bin. The Attabot retrieves the bin and travels down the tunnel to ground level and brings the bin to the workstation.

At the workstation, a screen displays the designated item to be picked, ensuring the operator accurately selects the correct item from the bin. After the item is picked, the Attabot brings the bin back to the storage rack and moves on to retrieving the next order.

Similar to other goods to person options, Servus can be integrated with additional picking and conveying technologies – pick to light, conveyors, goods to robot – for a more fully automated order fulfillment solution. 


Features & Benefits

Offering direct access to any bin, in any location, when required, the Attabotics system helps to improve ergonomics for order picking by eliminating the need to bend, reach, or use ladders or lefts to access inventory. Additionally, Attabotics features:

  • Up to 85% reduction in storage footprint
  • Maximize productivity while reducing labor costs
  • Streamline storage and order picking processes
  • Fast construction and implementation
  • Scalable, flexible (can add/remove Attabots, totes, and racking as needed)
  • Attabots charge while travelling up and down access shafts, eliminating need for charging downtime
  • Software integrates with Bastian Solutions’ Exacta warehouse execution system (WES) for full system control and visibility
  • Great option for lights-out warehouse, microfulfillment, or goods to robot order fulfillment


  • Maximum height of 9m or ~30'
  • Bins are available in two sizes: 10" or 16” tall
  • Attabots are capable of moving on X, Y and Z axes
  • Controlled exclusively by Attabotics software


To find the most effective storage and each picking solution, it’s important to consider:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure
  • Potential facility modifications needed for a new automated system
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Peak-season demands


  • Attabotics_goods_to_person_automated_storage_retreival_order_fulfillment-thumb
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  • Attabotics_goods_to_person_order_fulfillment_storage_retrieval_workstation-thumb
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  • Attabotics_goods_to_person_order_fulfillment_system_automation_robot_wheel_closeup-thumb

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