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Optimize inbound and outbound processes with a goods to person AMR system

Providing an automated warehouse solution that doesn’t require major facility modifications, Caja Robotics’ goods to person system is fast and easy to implement. In contrast to other goods to person systems, Caja Robotics’ can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, whether you have uneven floors, low ceilings, or other facility challenges.

Using a unique combination of two types of AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), customizable task-specialized workstations, and cloud-based AI software, this system optimizes warehouse functions from inbound receiving and storage through outbound order picking and processing. Bastian Solutions engineers are experts in a variety of automated storage and retrieval and goods to person technologies. Let us help find the right solution to meet your unique needs.

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How Caja Robotics' System Works

The Caja Robotics warehouse system automates processes from inbound inventory management to storage, all the way through outbound order processing. This system consists of two types of specialized robots plus user-friendly workstations that are all controlled by AI-powered, cloud-based software.


Robots – The Caja Robotics system has two types of AMR robots each specialized to perform specific tasks.

  • Lift Robot – the larger robot, designed to reach and retrieve boxes from shelves.
  • Cart Robot – the smaller robot, designed to transport single boxes or bins quickly and efficiently.

Workstations – A variety of specialized workstations are available to help with different warehouse tasks, including order picking, inventory replenishment, product returns, and consolidation. These ergonomic workstations include monitors with customizable dashboards and put-walls with put-to-light systems for increased accuracy. Every workstation is customizable to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Software – Tying it all together is the Caja Robotics software, which optimizes inventory management and directs robots towards tasks and locations – all powered by AI and machine learning to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Inbound, Replenishment, and Returns

The Caja system gets started once box contents are scanned into the software system. The Caja software communicates with a put-to-light system on the workstation shelves and directs the worker to place the box in a specified location within the put wall. The worker presses the button on the put-to-light system indicating the box has been placed, and the software directs a Lift robot to retrieve the box and put it away for storage in your existing racking.

This process works with boxes containing single-SKUs, multiple SKUs, and returns, with the software determining the best storage location using SKU velocity data.


Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-order-fulfillment-cart-robot-at-packcheck-workstationMedium-low Throughput Picking

For customers who only need single SKUs or a few items at a time, like ecommerce and 3PL customers, order fulfillment can be handled at a Sync Pack-Check workstation.

Cart robots bring bins containing ordered items to a workstation. A human operator picks the designated items from the bin and scans it. Once scanned, the put-to-light- system illuminates a light to indicate the correct position on the put wall for the item to be placed. Once the item is placed and the light is pressed, the Cart robot takes the bin away and moves to the next task. The next Cart robot in line proceeds to the workstation to repeat the process.

High Throughput Picking

For wholesale and fast-moving SKUs, the aSync Pack-Check workstation is the best option. Instead of transporting the same bin over and over for picking, bins that hold fast-moving SKUs are taken by the Lift robot and placed on a shelving system by the workstation. The monitor and put-to-light system communicates to the pickers where to pick items from and which bin to place it in. Once the bin is no longer needed, the Lift robot removes it from the workstation shelves and returns it to storage.

Alternative Picking Scenarios

Hybrid workstations are available for facilities that handle both fast and medium-low SKUs, combining the benefits of both the Sync and aSync Pack-Check workstations. Workstation monitors direct pickers on whether to pick from the Cart robot or the aSync shelves.

Features & Benefits

Similar to other goods to person systems, Caja’s system is scalable and modular. You can easily add or remove robots and storage as needed for peak or off season. Robots can also be rented when needed and returned when not needed as part of a RAAS (robots as a service) offering. Caja Robotics also:

  • Integrates into almost any existing warehouse infrastructure and software
  • Adapts to changes in warehouse layout
  • Reduces picking errors while increasing speed & efficiency
  • Creates accurate predictions using the system’s AI and software emulation, which generates a digital twin of the warehouse hardware and software
  • Offers a variety of workstation options and customizable components
  • Achieves automatic slotting optimization via software and robotic put away


These robots are designed to work alongside human operators and include safety sensors and mechanisms to prevent collision. They are ISO and fire regulation approved.

Lift Robot:

  • Gripping height: 280 mm – 3200 mm
  • Footprint: 1300mm x 850 mm
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Max speed: 1.5 m/s
  • Max battery runtime: 6 hours
  • Max bin load: 30 kg
  • Min. object dimensions: 397 mm x 590 mm
  • Max object dimensions: 403 mm x 610 mm

Cart Robot:

  • Gripping height: 280 mm – 800 mm
  • Footprint: 840mm x 415 mm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Max speed: 2 m/s
  • Max battery runtime: 8 hours
  • Max bin load: 30 kg
  • Min. object dimensions: 397 mm x 590 mm
  • Max object dimensions: 403 mm x 610 mm


To find the most effective storage and order processing solution, it’s important to consider:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure
  • Potential facility modifications needed for a new automated system
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Peak-season demands


  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robots-with-boxes-packcheck-workstation-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robots-with-boxes-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robots-storage-racking-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-order-fulfillment-cart-robots-and-racking-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robots-in-line-at-packcheck-workstation-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-cart-robot-retrieve-box
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-lift-robot-retreiving-box-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robots-moving-through-racking-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-order-fulfillment-cart-robot-5
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-cart-robot-retreiving-box-from-rack-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-order-fulfillment-cart-robot-at-packcheck-workstation-thumb
  • Caja-Robotics-Goods-to-Person-AMR-ASRS-software-system-simulation-thumb

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