Muratec Uni SHUTTLE HP


High capacity transport and storage capabilities

The Muratec Uni-SHUTTLE HP is an automated storage / retrieval system designed to provide best-in-class capacity and performance through a combination of flexible storage functionality and high-capacity transport and sorting capabilities.


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How Muratec Uni-SHUTTLE HP works

The requirements for handling loads of various sizes, the need for high-throughput operations, and the demand for small-lot production for just-in-time operations and same-day delivery drive the need for new technology. Retaining operators in this difficult era of recruiting workers also demands new ideas in automation. The Muratec Uni-SHUTTLE HP is the solution to these challenges.

The rack system can store loads of various sizes and shapes to achieve high-capacity storage. A high-speed shuttle runs independently on each level to minimize transport times. These features, along with the ability to perform either sequential or group retrievals, combine to provide the optimum in high-performance and flexibility.

Pallet Runner in Motion


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