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Your inventory at your fingertips with multi-shuttle automated storage

OPEX ® Perfect Pick® is an automated storage and retrieval system optimal for goods to person piece picking. Using proven iBOT™ technology to retrieve and putaway goods, Perfect Pick offers a secure, energy-efficient option that expedites the picking process, with 8:1 savings in labor hours.

Perfect Pick’s simple yet flexible design allows for complete scalability in both speed and size to support peak season fluctuations and business growth with reliably improved picking accuracy. The system can be easily expanded by adding modules or more aisles, and additional iBOTs can be quickly introduced or removed from the system in a matter of minutes. The Perfect Pick HD version provides even more benefits with twice the storage capacity. Bastian Solutions experts can help determine the right fit for your needs to ensure that you receive the speed, flexibility, and scalability required for an industry-leading order fulfillment process. Adaptability is more crucial than ever with today’s fast-paced and changing market demands in ecommerce and micro-fulfillment operations.

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How It works

In this OPEX goods to person system, Perfect Pick consists of three key components: a workstation for operators to pick or place items, iBOTs that retrieve or deliver products, and totes that hold the products.

In a Perfect Pick system, operators place items in designated totes at workstations. The totes are then transported by an iBOT into the system for storage until the items within are needed to fill an order.

When items are needed, an iBOT retrieves the designated tote and delivers it back to the workstation, where the operator picks the item specified and places it into the order box for shipping.

iBots are multidirectional wireless vehicles that travel along tracks within the Perfect Pick system. iBots are designed to:

  • Pick and store totes and trays
  • Access horizontal and vertical storage locations within their aisle
  • Eliminate need for elevators, lifts, conveyors, or transfers
  • Capture regenerated energy as they descend through the storage racks
  • Include position tracking software for full optimization and efficiency

iBOTs bring totes or trays directly to the pickers and tilt and adjust to their height for ergonomic picking. iBOTs can provide system throughput rates of up to 1000 dual-cycles per hour.


Features & Benefits

Perfect Pick and Perfect Pick HD both feature small footprints with substantial storage density within a self-contained, standalone system. Additionally, this goods to person solution features:

  • Superior throughput
  • Competitively priced entry point creates a justifiable ROI
  • Ability to control the speed of iBOTs
  • Expandable over time by adding racking modules or additional iBOTs
  • Ergonomic workstations at one or both ends of the system
  • Energy efficient ultracapacitor powered iBOTs
  • Configurable software platform that easily interfaces with warehouse operations

Similar to other goods to person options, Perfect Pick can be integrated with additional picking and conveying technologies – pick to light, conveyors, goods to robot – for a more fully automated order fulfillment solution. 



Perfect Pick

  • Load weight capacity: 80 lbs (including tote)
  • Rack length: Scalable up to 204.9' (62.45 m)
  • Rack height: Scalable up to 32.5' (9.90 m)
  • Rack width: 9’ (2.74 m)
  • Tote dimensions: 20" x 30” x 8/10/12/14" H (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm x
    20.32/25.4/30.48/35.56 cm H)
  • Storage locations: 4,274 (with 12" high totes)
  • Cubic feet of storage: 14,573 ft3
  • Square feet required: 2,459 ft2
  • Tote presentation: Up to 500/hr per workstation
  • Up to 20 iBOTs


Perfect Pick HD

  • Load weight capacity: 80 lbs (including tote)
  • Rack length: Scalable up to 204.9' (62.45 m)
  • Rack height: Scalable up to 32.5' (9.90 m)
  • Rack width: 14’ (4.27 m)
  • Tote dimensions: 20" x 30” x 8/10/12/14" H (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm x
    20.32/25.4/30.48/35.56 cm H)
  • Storage locations: 8,548 (with 12" high totes)
  • Cubic feet of storage: 29,145 ft3
  • Square feet required: 2,869 ft2
  • Up to 500/hr per workstation
  • Up to 22 iBOTs


Deciding how to automate should include key considerations like:

  • Facility size, layout, and infrastructure
  • Potential facility modifications needed for a new automated system
  • Product size and weight
  • Order volume and speed
  • Throughput requirements
  • Peak-season demands
  • Business objectives and forecast to identify needed degree of scalability



  • Knipper case study perfect pick HD goods to person order fulfillment conveyor
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  • Knipper-Case-Study-perfect-pick-HD-iBOT-thumb
  • opex-perfect-pick-system

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