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Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) & Industrial Carousels


Improve order-fulfillment processes with industrial carousels

Bastian Solutions takes pride in being able to furnish a variety of industrial carousels to meet your precise requirements. Our many years of experience designing and integrating industrial carousels into a material handling system means you'll be up and running quicker and faster.

A carousel is an automated storage and retrieval device using a series of shelving units mounted on a closed-loop track. When commanded, the shelves will rotate along the track to bring items to the operator.

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Featured Vertical Lift Modules and Carousels


Vertical Lift Modules


Vertical Industrial Carousel


Horizontal Industrial Carousel


Rotary Industrial Carousel

Benefits of VLMs and Industrial Carousels

Bastian Solutions often utilizes both horizontal, vertical, and rotary carousels along with conveyor systems to:
  • Increase picking speeds and order accuracy
  • Improve operator productivity and morale
  • Safely store and retrieve uniform or uniquely shaped items
  • Shorten pick time through reduced walk distance
  • Improve inventory record accuracy
  • Easily enter additional SKU's for growing operations
  • Improve customer service and response time
  • Reduce shrinkage and product damage
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary paperwork
  • Reduce space requirements and maximize cube utilization
  • Reduce equipment downtime

Interested in industrial carousels?