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Slip Sheet Dispenser

Bastian integrates many different slip sheet dispensers in our material handling systems, robotic work cells, and conventional palletizing cells. Bastian's slip sheet dispensers can help you completely automate the pallet building process in your operation.

Interested in implementing slip sheet dispensers in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?


How Slip Sheet Dispensers Work

Slip sheets are loaded into a bin.  A pneumatic or electrically driven gantry actuates to the pick point.  A series of vacuum cups grab a single slip sheet.  The gantry then moves to the drop point, the vacuum releases, and the slip sheet is placed into position.

Multiple Sheet Dispensers

Slip Sheet Dispensers



  • Reduces labor required for slip sheet handling
  • Improves productivity by reducing cycle time
  • Improves quality by placing slip sheet accurately every time


  • Heavy duty fully welded construction
  • Includes storage bin
  • Nominal 24" x 24" slip sheets
  • Up to 60" x 60" slip sheets
  • Stand alone controls available
  • Easily integrates into an existing palletizing system
Sheet Bins in Palletizing System

Sheet Bins



  • Standard Slip Sheet Dispenser
  • Gantry Slip Sheet Dispenser
  • Slip Sheet Handling End of Arm Tool

  • Budgetary Pricing - $22,000


  • Robotic Palletizing Systems
  • Conventional Palletizing Systems
  • Slip Sheets
  • Tier Sheets
  • Bottom Sheet
Sheet Dispenser

Sheet Dispenser


Slip Sheet Dispenser photos


Interested in slip sheet dispensers or want to know more about them?