Order Picking Robotic AGV

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Order Picking Robotic AGVs bring innovation to your warehouse

The Order Picking Robotic AGV (OPRA) is the latest concept in robotic picking technology designed to automate the process of manually building mixed pallets.

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Benefits of order picking robotic AGV:

  • With the ability to operate 24/7, throughput is increased and labor costs are reduced
  • System is capable of building 2 mixed pallets every 15 minutes
  • OPRA is designed so multiple units can work side by side or safely integrated with manual workforce if needed

Order Picking Robotic AGV Rendering


Specifications of order picking robotic AGV:

    • Uses a standard order picker programmed to operate as an AGV
    • A robot arm and customized End of Arm Tool is then added to create a fully automated picking system
    • Using the custom EoAT and programmable vision system, OPRA is able to pick various products while following specific pallet build sequences when SKUs vary in size or weight
    • Pallet heights of 65" can be created to take full advantage of the vertical space within shipping containers

Order Picking Robotic AGV in Truck


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