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Increase throughput with Robotic Case Packers

Robots can pick single or multiple items to pack single or multiple cases per cycle. Quick change end of arm tooling can prepare the same robot to handle products of varying sizes or shapes. Bastian Solutions designs robotic case packers that enable manufacturers to reduce labor and safety costs while increasing throughput, reliability, and accuracy of orders.

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How a Robotic Case Packer works:

Products are automatically transferred into the robotic cell and are queued for packing. Packages are erected and fed into position where the system will initiate the packing process. Using a custom EoAT, the product is then picked and placed by the robot to the desired package. Once the packaging is complete it will exit the system and the robot will continue the packing process.

Robotic Case Packing System

Robotic Case Packer


Benefits of a Robotic Case Packer:

  • High efficiency
  • Elimination of ergonomic and repetitive motion problems
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Very flexible for multiple product lines and for future product changes
  • Ability to customize the footprint for many applications
  • Turnkey installations - easily integrated with case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, labelers, and fully integrated controls packages
Robotic Case Packing End of Arm Tool

Case Packing End of Arm Tool


Robotic Case Packer Applications:

  • Packaging robot transfers products from a conveyor into packaging containers at high speed
  • Cost Reductioncan reduce labor and maintenance costs by replacing less reliable mechanical case packers
  • Gentle product handling with custom end of arm tool and controlled acceleration/deceleration of the robot
  • Can optimize floor space given the minimal footprint of the robotic case packing cell
Case Packing End of Arm Tool

Robotic Case Packer


Robotic Case Packer Specifications:

  • Custom end of arm tool configurations can meet your pack pattern requirements
  • Throughput can reach up to 40 cycles per minute
  • Robots available to handle various rate and load requirements
  • Vision can be included for continuous motion picking and placing
  • With high picking accuracy and tool compensation, error can approach 0 mm
  • Robotic system interfaces with PC or PLC
  • System can be integrated with case erector and case sealer to provide fully automated packing system solution
Robotic Case Packing Cell

Case Packing Robot


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