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Increase throughput by automating document insertion

Order fulfillment complexity in modern-day distribution centers has never been greater. Increased SKUs, limited inventory, Omni-Channel requirements, and same day shipping have all placed substantial demand on operational teams. Placing the proper paperwork inside of a carton should be the least of your worries. Our Robotic Print and Paperwork Inserter accurately places the proper paperwork in the proper carton, every time.

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How it Works

As a carton enters the robotic cell, it is scanned for LPN identification. The proper paperwork is then retrieved and sent directly to the line-side printer. While exiting the printer, the paperwork is scanned for a confirmation match, and then robotically picked and placed into the carton. A verification scanner is located within the robotic place zone for final match confirmation.

As opposed to conventional solutions, our Robotic Print and Paperwork Inserter allows standard robotic technology to interface directly with industrial printers, removing any chance of mishandling.

With Bastian Solutions’ existing WCS, all 3rd party software is removed, allowing a single interface and one line of support for the life of the system. Full system performance diagnostics are incorporated within the existing control system for full visibility to the robotic cell KPI’s.


Rates of 25 Cartons/Minute



  • Best-in-class efficiency with a 20% advantage
  • First page print times reduced by 70%
  • Minimal carton induction scan queue
  • Guaranteed printing ability with no downtime
  • Accurate/repeatable paperwork places
  • System performance diagnostics integrated
  • Reduce daily maintenance requirements by 90%
  • No belts or sensors to clean or adjust
  • Removes operational concerns with dust and humidity
  • Automatic recovery from failure modes


Pneumatic End of Arm Tooling



  • Paperwork insertion rates of 25 cartons per minute
  • Barcode scanning for perfect compliance
  • Robotic cell configuration incorporates up to 3 printers for back-up redundancy
  • Meets OSHA, RIA, and ANSI specifications
  • Can be used to place various paperwork including invoices, return information, picking lists, packing slips, promotional media, and operator work instructions

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Robotic Document Inserter

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